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Sucks, I love your products, I have been a fan of them since your company's inception. I went to place an order and the store is terrible. Soooooo many items are out of stock to start with, with no ETA as of when they will be available. The organization is terrible, the menu on the right does not scale dynamically to the window size, therefore causing major confusion. A lot of the item descriptions are just copied and pasted and mean nothing. Some items are very similar and are confusing as to their differences. Some items have the wrong picture one the item is clicked on.


I placed an order and was supposed to have a choice to prepay duties, etc. I did not get that choice, and since UPS is known for keeping any extras it gets from any overpayment of the duties I would rather see the actual duties needed to be payed before tending money.


Anyways I hope you guys work on your store because it is terrible and a major turn off.

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