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CRICITAL INCOMPABILITY WITH CORSAIR LINK 4 "Riing 14 LED RGB TT Premium Edition 3-Fan Pack" Software

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There is a CRITICAL incompatibly with the Corsair Link software.


If this software and Corsair Link is open at the same time MOST LIKELY HWINFO32.DLL is POLLING the motherboard TOO FAST.


This breaks the Corsair Link fan control. My (Corsair) fan oscillates wildly and makes terrible noises. When I close this software Corsair Link works perfectly. Especially the HID.exe


This is unacceptable. Please fix this incompatibility! You can do that by decreasing the polling rate for the CPU temp or adding that as an option.



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I fixed it by reverse engineering the application and applying a patch. Gonna post a video tutorial later. Definitely not a solution for everyone, but in this current state better than nothing.


It breaks temp monitoring and probably should break PWM too, but I don't use that. Because guess what? with it's predefined curve it's useless anyways.

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If I'm too lazy to create a video this is how you fix it:

1. Make sure your application is V1.0.2. (other version will 99% wont work) bottom right corner, this is the latest at the moment
2. Download http://x64dbg.com/
3. Create a new text file in notepad called "corsair_link_fix_v102.1337" YES THAT'S .1337 (I did not invent it)
Copy the following code EXACTLY (including the newline before 4.):
4. Kill "hid.exe" in task manager.
5. Run x64dbg. Open. Navigate to "hid.exe" in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Riing RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition" 
6. Click the bandage icon named "Patches". Import that .1337 file.
7. "Apply patches to file".
8. Save as "hid2.exe". Close x64dbg.
9. Rename "hid.exe" in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Riing RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition" to "hid_backup.exe" 
10. Copy the patched "hid2.exe" into above folder.
11. Rename "hid2.exe" to "hid.exe"
12. Restart
I looked at the code this should not break anything. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! YOU ARE 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS! It's probably fine. Everything I try seems to work.
I could have just posted the fixed hid.exe file to replace with. But it could be a virus right - you don't me. A random stranger on the internet peddling .exe files is a bad practice. So patch yourself! :D

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Since ASESTEK makes both the Coarsair and NZXT AIO coolers and we know that the their is a conflict between corsair link and Thermaltake software.  Would that mean that there is also a conflict with the NZXT CAM software, too?


Also,  When you said it would break temperature monitoring when you making your changes to the hid file.  Does it break it for monitoring software or just in the Thermaltake software?

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The conflict is between OLD VERSIONS HwInfo and Corsair Link. If you search the interent you will find a few threads.


MY GUESS IS THAT: Thermaltake LICENSED a .dll from Hwinfo, and are USING IT IMPORTERLY or it's an old version. I would presume (with some reasoanble confidence) this is the only product affected (as well as the premius plus version of this fan).


Try googling Astek (or the software you are gonna use  - NZXT something something) and HwInfo "incompability." If there are no results - you'll be fine.

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Well, After a week of trying to get the software for these to run,  I discovered that it crashes the CAM software from NZXT repeatedly.  I cannot get the two running at the same time for more than 5-10 seconds.


The TT software not only has compatibility issues with everything from hardware to software, including the operating system it is also unstable.


The TT software corrupts the settings on my ASUS AURA hardware.  Once the TT software is running I have to go back to the AURA software to reset the LED functions every time that the TT software is accessed or restarted.  It has even crashed my Trident Z RGB memory LEDs.  It changed them from the default rainbow mode to all red flashng and then prevented me from changing them to any setting. Even tried turning them off. One would stay on, at least it quit flashing, regardless of whether they were turned on or off, I was affraid that it had gotten damaged when I lost all control over it. Even a system restart would not get the LEDs on the RAM sticks functioning.  I had to do a complete power-down of the system to revive my RAM LEDs control. But, as soon as the TT software ran the RGB LEDS on my memory would go crazy again, never doing the same thing two times in a row. I had never had this issue without the TT software installed.  The G.SKILL software that controlled these RGB RAM was really bad (Thank #### the ASUS AURA software would control these) but, G.SKILLS software looks like a finely polished diamond compared to the rotting corpse of the TT software.


And,  the software continually crashes my computer.  With a selective boot, only loading default windows drivers and the TT software my system will not run for more that 30-45 minutes before crashing.  If I boot the same way without the TT software I do not get a system crash. The system ran without the TT software on, just base default windows drivers, for 48 hours, but as soon as I started up the TT software had a system crash within 5 minutes.  Tried re-downloading and and reinstalling several times with no change to this


I would return them to Amazon, but am unable to, as the time line for returning these expired while waiting on my CrossHair VI Hero motherboard to arrive off of back order.  I guess I will try to sell them with a no return or refund policy and try to get back some of what I paid for them.  Just have to find a sucker who is too stupid to know what he is buying.


I liked these because they had more RGB LEDs (than their competitors product) that also reflected off the fan lades a little and the specs showed them having a higher static pressure and CFM than their competitors version as well.  The YouTube videos of theses showed modes that were not in the downloaded software and was not able to achieve through custom settigs.  I do not even think that the software was the the same that they offer for download. But if I cannot control them and have to deal with constant crashes they are worthless paper weights. 


I have exhausted all the the patients that I have with these.  TT Tech Support, if they even exist, has no concern for their customers.  If they did they would either respond to the repeated requests for assistance or at least post comments to the people who are experiencing issues on their own forums.  And for that matter, why in heck are they selling this with software that is basically non-functional?


I have purchased and just received the NZXT equivalent fans.  They function right out of the box and I have had no Issues with them, #### NZXT has even released updates for their software and firmware, which is something that I have yet to see from TT in the 5 and a half weeks that I have owned these TT fans.  (Reports of software issues going back to the very first release of these TT fans have still not yet been addressed.)  As I stated earlier the specs stated that the TT fans had higher static pressure and CFMs than those from the NZXT version.  Well you can forget about that, either TT posted fraudulent numbers or NZXT understated their specs, with the total lack of concern for their customers that TT is showing here I am will to believe that they did in fact over state these specs.  (As a designer of controls for automated equipment, I go by the specs when determining what components to use, as I am sure many other do as well.) The NZXT have what appears to be twice the CFMs compared to what I was getting from the the TT fans when I was able to get them to full speed. (By the way the TT fans would never reach the stated RPMs, the closest I could get was about 200 RPMs below their rated speed.1300 for the 120mm and 1200 for the 140mm as apposed to the stated 1500 for the 120mm and 1400 for the 140mm)  And, I honestly believe that the Static Pressure is much higher on the NZXT version, as well.  And, the NZXT fans were much quieter at full speed that the TT fans which about once every 5-10 seconds would make a loud thump sound as if the blade were stopping and starting back up, kind of like a servo motor that has no deceleration curve when it stops, basically going from 2000 RPMs to 0 in less that 0.1 sec. And no the fan blade was not hitting anything.  they even did this when I was holding them out side the case away from all obstructions.


I have owned many TT products from the old VENUS 12 air cooler to Liquid coolers and lighting kits, and 6 different full tower  and one mid tower cases.  And have been reasonably happy with them all, but these fans are a complete disaster.  I think that after spending over $250 on paper weights that strangely resemble RGB fans and total disregard for their customers that I would have to seriously reconsider buying any more TT products.

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Hey! My recommdation to anyone wanting to save themselves trouble is to go with NZXT as well.


But, just out of curiosity, did you try my patching fix? (If you are too afraid to patch you can PM me...) 


I've been running the patched hid.exe for 3 weeks now and it seems fine. The patch might have fixed the incompatibility. I guess it's already too late. If you are into experimenting you could plug them back in and check even if you don't plan on using them and report back for other's to know the results.

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I was going to, However the Plus Premium Edition software does not have the HID.exe file installed it has a a hidap.dll file instead of a .exe .  The premium edition without the plus does have this file but that version does not control the plus premium fans. It will not even recognize the fans.   installing the plus premium software on top of this got my the software to at least run and provide control but was unstable.  I am thinking about making the change this weekend to the premium version that is still installed maybe i can get something.  I just need to get away from it for a few days to relaxation before wrecking my nerves again.

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