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Hey all:


Looking for a bit of advice. I am currently gathering bits and pieces for my next build. I've already bought a Tower 900 case and will be running it on air for the next little while as dual loop liquid is quite expensive. I plan on  up to 13 fans using the F6 Contoller I have . My question is, Is there any way to utilize the controller for fan speed and have the RGB function run using software? ( I was looking at the Riing plus 120 rgb  fans for this build) or is it going to be one or the other?


Any help would be appreciated

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The RGB fans offered by Thermal-take have propitiatory connectors .   You would need to rewire the motor leads to the controller for the fan and I believe the LEDs share the DC Common.


I would not suggest this as it could cause problems and will most likely void the warrant.  Not to mention that the Thermal-take  Plus software is really bad right now and showing no signs of improvement.  Most people cannot even get it to run and when it does it adversely affects other system components and creates instability.


I would suggest the NZXT AER fans if you are looking to control from a separate controller.  The fans use a standard 4-pin PWM connector. and the led are on a separate connector to connect to the LED controller.  One LED controller can control the leds on up to 10 fans. 5 per channel.

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140mm fans would have been much much quieter, and I wish someone had told me to avoid thermaltake fans before i bought them. 

I would take my money back if i could, im annoyed and feel utterly conned, defrauded, and ripped off.

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