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So I think it's about time I got this show on the road eh?


I'd like to preface that I'm honored to be able to take part in this contest against so many talented modders.  Events like these really bring together people from all over the globe under the same banner, that to me is simply fantastic.


So it's likely many on here aren't so accustomed with my style of work, here's to hoping I can do the very best that I can with this monster of a case.  But be warned, I will not be choosing to make it easy for the others!  :D


Much of my  mod will be very specific, so I won't fully get chopping until some more of the hardware pieces arrive this week.  But design work is well underway, I do hope it will impress and show what the UK modding scene is capable of.  However, until I'm ready to unveil that, here are some photos of this behemouth.



I swear it dwarfs my workshop.  Much easier to photograph outside haha






Always an important point to consider


The glass is gloriously thick, 5mm has a lot of heft to it


I really like the layout in this case.  Vertical gpus are something I've always loved, definitely a feature I'll be keeping.




Best of luck to the other competitors!  Mod on!


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First batch of cooling gear arrived today, big ol' box and this is only the beginning!  The Riing Plus fans are stunning, great seeing how those have evolved from the first edition a few years back.





I LOVE these new drain valves, great practical design, twist to open and close.  Much smaller than tap-style ones.



And here's a teaser of some of the things to come.  Excuse the random hardware, don't have a CAD file of the intended parts to hand and don't have the time to model them up fully.





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