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Spacebar problem thermaltake challenger prime RGB

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I've recently purchased a thermaltake challenger prime RGB keyboard and mouse combo and I'm very dissapointed with it.


It has a problem with the spacebar key, I use my left thumb to press it when typing and most of the times  it seems that the space bar registers two keystrokes at  once resulting in two spaces between words in the  sentences. You can notice this even in this text I'm  typing and it's very annoying.


I returned the keyboard to the computer shop where I  bought it thinking there was something wrong with it and they gave me a brand new  one. However the new keyboard has this exact same  issue.Ugh. It's a shame really because if it wasn't for that it would be an excellent keyboard.


I'd like to ask if there's a way to set up a sofware on Windows 10 that will prevent registering two keystrokes from  the space bar  at once?

I'm thinking of  something that will  allow  me to set up a delay before repeating a character when you keep a key pressed down, but that only  applies to a specific key, in this case the spacebar. I don't want to set this delay for  every key, only for the spacebar. Doessuch thing exist?



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