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You guessed it another person with riing premium problems

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So as the title says i along with alot of other people it seems,have issues with the software. Just here to share what ive got so far before call tt to see if they have a solution they arent sharing or more than likley return these for not working as advertised.

So upon putting these fans in my new build i installed the lastest software i could find worked for 10-20 mins before it froze i was able to set colours and performance mode, reset my pc and it Just opens the window resets all colour/fan settings to default red/350rpm and freezes.4 days of going through this forum trying almost everything to fix it to no avail.After letting it sit for 3 hours yesterday day it updated itself and i thought thank #### it might just work but allas no i have about 5 seconds to select something before it freezes and makes the fans usless again.


Things ive found so far:

1. with the software unistalled i installed ai suite was able to get the fans to go to max rpm or 300 no inbetween (got a little gaming in while that was on as a stress reliever)


2. With no other start up programs besides the essential the software works for 10 minutes the freezes.


3. If as soon as the software launches on start up and i open the android tt rgb app at the same time i get about 1 min of control even if the desktop software freezes after the android software dies aswell.

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