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Riing Plus Pemium edition System Compatability Help, Please.

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I am trying to determine if there is a compatibility issue with the riing plus premium software and certain components or software. 


I have tried all the solution that i can find that apply to my system.  And, have yet to get the software to run correctly. 


I am beginning to think it is not compatible with either the X370 chip-set or RYZEN itself.


Does anybody have the Riing Plus Premium Edition fans and software working correctly.


If so, can you post on what processor, chip-set, board, bios, OS version, components and other software, etc.? And, what special steps that you took to get it up and running.

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I made an account just to reply to you because I was going through the heartache trying to figure it out also. I contacted thermaltake and they're aware of this issue. It is a software conflict with Ryzen and the Riing software!


I received an update email today letting me knew that their R&D team is working on a fix for this as we speak but still have no ETA. I guess it gives hope that it'll work in the future. But if you dont want to wait, thermaltake here in Australia offered a full refund and I'd assume you could do the same.

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