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WARNING-DO NOT BUY: TT Premium RIING Software Controlled fans

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I'm very sorry to have to write this, but most companies try to create a unique product and superior product, win the harts of their customers with good service and deal with any problems in a civilized an professional manner. This is not the case with Thermaltake and their TT Premium RIING Software Fans.

We are relatively new to taking in Thermaltake hardware into premium builds for customers running premium watercooled loops. We fell for their customization regarding RGB both for case fans above and the PSU with RIING capabilities. As opposed to the PSU that has mostly minor flaws in the softare, RIING Fans have both major hardware and software problems. You can read all about it in this forum and in our previous review. 

We have had parts replaced several times due to broken hardware / poor quality control. We have also discussed these issues with support who aknowledges all the issues you guys find here. It is not just us and our loops. And believe us, we have tried and we have really wanted to make it work!

We have finally put a list of issues with the hardware / software and sent this 4-5 weeks ago. Since then we have heard nothing. We have emailed again. Nothing. 

In other words - we feel compelled to issue a big CAPITAL WARNING regarding this product line. We feel that Thermaltake has not taken their responsibility The products are flawed, the support is flawed and yes - the Company Thermaltake is flawed.

We are utterly disappointed at Thermaltake as a company and can not at this moment in time regard the company as a serious player on the market. Shame! For those who want to buy any products - heed this warning before you do. 

We wish everyone else who have purchased these products to hopefully have your issues resolved and that you don't feel you just burnt your money and time on this like we feel.

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I am also having issues and have replacement cables and several controller boxes sent to me with no success in the end. Shame on you Thermaltake for allowing such poor quality control and releasing an overall flawed product. I will not be purchasing or recommending Thermaltake products unless something drastic is done to resolve the multitude of issues with these "premium" Riing fans/software. 

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