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TT Esports Challenger Prime Gaming Keyboard RGB Key Lights Not Working

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Hello everyone,

I bought this TT Esports Challenger Prime keyboard a while ago and after following the instructions, I managed to plug it in and turn on the lights and got it working by installing the software. At first, I didn't notice, but after some time, it seems that the lights stopped working. When I noticed, I uninstalled the driver and re-installed it and restarted my computer but still the same problem. Currently, I have a 64-bit Windows 10 (Creator's Update) OS. Can anyone help me please? I have already had to return the keyboard and get a new one because of a faulty backspace key and I don't want to have to change it again. If you have any more queries to ask me to give you more information, kindly do so.

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12 hours ago, Tt David said:

Did you try the ####(C)? 

challenger Prime.PNG

I have not actually... didn't even know that it had a purpose, less that it is a ####(c)! Thank you! Will try it out back home. And edit this post with results.

EDIT: The problem seems to be be fixed! Thank you for the help. :)

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