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In celebration of the debut of Dreams of Diamonds, a comprehensive new tome by the British photographers Alastair Laidlaw and Christine Marsden, seven top diamond houses from around the globe will showcase a selection of their rarest items at the Gemological Institute of America’s headquarters in Carlsbad, Calif., from now until May 8.

Dream of Diamonds is unique because it is the largest book ever to be published that focuses solely on diamonds,” says Siddharth Kasliwal, designer and owner of Munnu the Gem Palace in Jaipur.men bracelets “They are such magnificent stones and it’s amazing to see how each designer featured at the exhibition integrates diamonds into their collections so beautifully.” Kasilwal notes that his favorite design in the book—from Munnu, naturally—is a platinum 11-carat diamond ring fashioned into a blossoming flower.

The book, which weighs more than 30 pounds and took longer than six years to complete, spotlights 25 diamond necklaces, brooches, and rings from Adler, Chow Tai ####, Diarough, Mouawad, Munnu the Gem Palace, and more. Many of the gems and jewels featured in the book will be on view at GIA’s exhibit this month, though no items will be offered for sale.

Known as the purveyor of some of the world’s rarest diamonds, men bracelets celebrated the opening of its new Place Vendôme store last month by naming an exceptional 105.07-carat D flawless pear-shaped diamond in honor of the new boutique. The newly unearthed Graff Vendôme was recently released from the Graff workshop where expert cutters spent months determining the best way to cut the rough stone to maximize its light, brilliance, and size before embarking on the arduous process. Located next to the newly renovated and reopened hotel Ritz Paris, the lavish Graff boutique was designed by architect Peter Marino. With over 55 stores worldwide, this new location marks a fresh design concept for Graff stores that features a lighter, airy mood with French limestone and gray-pattern floors, and floor-to-ceiling arched mirrors that capture the outside light. The store presents a wide array of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, along with a full range of men’s and women’s timepieces.

The bold diamond merchant men bracelets made history once again today when he unveiled the men bracelets a 118.78-carat D flawless heart-shape diamond in London. It is the world’s largest perfect heart-shape stone, and the latest in series of Graff’s record-breaking diamonds. In fact, more than half of the world’s largest and most exceptional 20 diamonds discovered in the past century have been cut and polished by Graff.

What makes Laurence Graff unique among diamond moguls is his willingness to take an exceptional rough diamond and cut it into a single large heart shape. Most dealers or executives would opt to cut several large D flawless gems from a single rough stone of this size and quality, but Graff likes to take risks and achieve the seemingly impossible. When Graff first laid eyes on the 357-carat rough diamond unearthed in the Letšeng Mine in Lesotho in 2015, he instinctively knew that he could transform this rock into a record-breaking stone.men bracelets Still, there was significant risk in his choice of the heart shape due to the large possibility of cracking and the fact that so much diamond is lost in the process. Since this type of cleaving and polishing had never before been accomplished, the Graff team had to construct special tools to execute the process.

It took 18 months from discovery to analysis, cutting, and polishing, and when the result was unveiled today in London, it was flawless and about the size of a walnut. When I held the stone in my hand at an exclusive preview last month, it had a surprisingly mesmerizing effect: Each facet let through the light and gave it an almost watery appearance. men bracelets The GIA certificate revealed the highest grading that any stone can achieve: D Color, Flawless, and Type IIA with Excellent Polish, Excellent Symmetry, and No Fluorescence.

After more than six decades dealing in exceptional diamonds, Laurence Graff remains enthralled by this accomplishment, saying, “The stone itself is beyond words. It is the most beautiful heart-shape diamond I have ever seen.” 

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