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The most suitable for men's 6 iebeads bracelet Limited coupon

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men bracelets
Recently, more and more men also wear jewelry, although not like women like to wear some eye-catching jewelry, but a simple men bracelets can play an unexpected effect.Inadvertently will be able to be a person's tolerance style outside, add men charm.
men bracelets

1. Indian lobular red sandalwood

Lobular red sandalone hand string is a popular online models, due to the many stars to wear, whether it is born or give people are excellent choice. As the royal family of the Ming and Qing dynasties respected, lobular red sandalwood is a symbol of honor and taste, lobular red sandalwood 18mm or 20mm hand string in highlighting men's domineering and unique temperament at the same time both the characteristics of #### Yun, men's wooden hand string of choice.men bracelets Lobular red sandalwood distributed bursts of fragrance helps sleep and soothe the nerves of the role of the mind, stable people's mood, it is said that long-term wear can also promote the regeneration of new cells to prevent the emergence of wrinkles.
men bracelets

2. King Kong Bodhi

King Kong Bodhi According to the Buddhist books introduced for the King Kong tree knot son, also said that the son of the knot tree knot, very expensive, King Kong Bodhi child produced in India Shakya Buddha into the area.men bracelets This area has a tree grow out of the seed is particularly large, very tough, Sakyamuni was called his disciples to wear up to read the Buddha, read the law, monk, so it was named "King Kong Bodhi child." King Kong Bodhi, King Kong in the meaning of Buddhism is extremely hard, all-conquering meaning, a symbol of men sailing, overcoming all obstacles, smooth sailing.
men bracelets

3.Fungus Bodhi

Eichhornia Bodhi is a kind of Bodhi, each of the beads above have an eye, the shape of Fengyan, hence the name "Fengyan Bodhi." In the Buddhist painting, sculpture, embroidery, are to Phoenix (Phoenix for the male, Phoenix for the female) for the pattern, auspicious auspicious.men bracelets Fungus Bodhi has a simple and exquisite tan, each of the above has a beautiful and elegant eyes. So that every annoyance into the wisdom of the gas, and bring deeper thought and consciousness.
men bracelets


Hainan pear as the most expensive wood species, in addition to the value of investment and appreciation, but also has a unique medicinal value, "Compendium of Materia Medica", "Hainan Materia Medica", "classifications Materia Medica" are recorded as incense, with Blood stasis,men braceletsheart and stomach pain, especially for high blood pressure, high blood lipids and high blood sugar and other three high disease and skin allergies are more immediate effect of patients, And health is the basis of all the flow.
men bracelets


China Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine test confirmed that the main components of the cliff aroma of sesquide, lemon terpenes and flavonoids, vitamins, minerals and other antioxidants.men bracelets These terpene compounds through the skin absorbed by the body, can promote cell metabolism to increase the body's immune protein, regulate the respiratory and central nervous system balance, enhance the body's resistance, to achieve beauty moisturizing, fitness strong, longevity The effect.
men bracelets



Jin Si Nan set for the beauty of heaven and earth as one of the king of cork, gold silk dish is the pursuit of gold, fluorescent permeability, aroma, color and paste pulp; and red sandalwood, men bracelets sea yellow and Shenxiang disk toys have the same There are also more different concepts, gold Phoebe handball disk play and maintenance issues will be particularly important.
men bracelets
Be a charming man,The most suitable for men's bracelet——Iebeads men bracelet shop

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