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Annatto hand is strung together for annatto Dai Yan collects a hand to string together become a kind of culture

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The hand that annatto little material makes is strung together, , place etc, the market is behaved very not common, heat is not decreased. Businessman enthusiasm
also turns to annatto is small in succession. Pear of flocculus rosewood, chrysanthemum, gold-rimmed nanmu, return viridescent cloudy wood is waited a moment,
wonderful confused is shown. Be in a few inside Cang Youqun, need classical music looks even if each master basks in some every week string. Each are bright red
wood sells field, annatto advocate battalion inn, those who discover inn-keeper displays important niche is bodhi child bead string and all the time hand of pear
of very hot flocculus rosewood, chrysanthemum is strung together etc. Collect this to burn fire more as artwork jump over flourishing, the article with all sorts
of qualitative material plays a hand to string together begin embark upon a political venture, the hand that not only the material such as common and amber, Gong
Shanhu, beeswax, crystal pledges is strung together, the woodiness hand such as red sandalwood wood, agalloch eaglewood wood is strung together very popular also.
Nowadays, adorn civil play a hand to string together had become a kind of fashion. In the market, we can see one string mixes the catenary that take a hand,
differ by the of all kinds such as Qu of chrysanthemum pear, Che, cliff cypress, turquoise the bead composition of breed. Inn-keeper recommends say: "For example
this, draw out price, enjoy 10 kinds of markets popular bead string together dish play, each bead dish there is distinct effect after playing, although pure
appreciation also is each characteristic. " the personage inside course of study says, a little hand is strung together, also be the inspissation of annatto. The
scene of oily, wood that can watch timber completely, decorative pattern, a bit is not poor. If use, is core material, #### of decorative pattern wood is more
excellent. Bead those who string together the market is arisen, having a reason is to collect a crowd young turn a tide. Each are popular collect forum, do not be
short of Tibetan friend people dish play string child blueprint. Ms. Liu says annatto operator, the gold jewelry previously deserves to act the role of, hold
fashionable tide position, and a string of article in the hand plays nowadays, the bodhi between neck or mix build a string of beads, with modern dress "
harmonious " coexist, the style is absolutely " current substance " . It is reported, have fan of some of rabid a string of beads, oneself go gem city cleans out
bead, of the job stay up late again proper motion design and a string of beads, had made a kind of favorite in the life. If have actual strength, can collect old
bead string, old stuff adorns rise to more time feels. The disposition of the style of a string of bead and individual, grade, wear at ordinary times be identical
of outfit color photograph, become fashion and the symbol of individual character. 

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