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Thermaltake CL-W151-CU00BL-A Pacific G14 Digital Temperature Sensor

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This product simply does not work. I reported my issues to customer service weeks ago and still there is no response. At this point the retailer is forcing me to buy another product in order to reduce the down time for my system as there would be a giant gap in my cooling loop if I remove this component and ship it back. Clearly it does not display any temperature and is useless because even if you set a temperature to alarm at, if it senses no temperature the alarm will not engage. I turned the product set point down to the minimum and it still wont alarm. I am now forced to poorly rate this product and Thermaltake's customer service and their retailers with bad reviews. Clearly I have a Core P3 case and two sets of the Thermaltake RGB fittings. I even had to re solder the wiring harness on one of the RGB fittings as it failed as well. Ergo...I've given Thermaltake plenty of money and am VERY UPSET that they will not properly service this product and assist me in swapping it out. 



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