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i love thermaltake

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Many years ago I got a job as a junior engineer after collage. We used high end expensive computers for CAD and CAM. We had computers in the plant and in the design office. They were always breaking down due to dirt, dust, heat and constant use. We spent a lot of money replacing dead systems. I recommended that all new systems come with good quality Thermaltake power supplies back then, because I noticed we had all High end components with cheap no name power supplies that were always breaking down. After, The new systems stopped breaking down, We saved thousands of dollars in new systems with no down time or lost designs. Everybody noticed the difference and I was promoted, and put in charge of all the systems and new purchases. To this day I only recommend Thermaltake power supplies to everyone. The new products line has expanded quite a bit the past few years, every upgrade I make, I check to see If there is a new product by Thermaltake. I really think the new RGB components are the best looking second to none, and the quality and reliability I have experienced is the best. I plan on replacing my Toughpower DPS G 750 with the new RGB model and buying the Thermaltake Core P5 Black Tempered Glass ATX Wall-Mount Chassis (CA-1E7-00M1WN-03) to go with my new Water 3.0 360 Ring RGB Edition. I cant wait! If any of the engineers or staff of Thermaltake read this, Keep up the good work! 

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