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Problem with the PSU (?)

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Hi everyone!

I have a problema with my computer. My PC has a configuration below:

- i3 6100

- Mobo Asus H110M-k

- GPU Nvidia GT1050ti


Oftentimes when I'm playing my games the video turn-off and turn-on by few seconds (around 1 second). I think that the problem can be the PSU.

If someone knows something about it let me know!

thank you!

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Hi Ramonbasilio

usually, when video went on and off can be 2 types situation happens:
1. Not enough power. However, in your case 500W should be enough.
2. Unbalance loading between 12V, 5.5V, and 3V.

Therefore, please contact our custmer service for replacement.

USA/Canada/South America:


Australia/ New Zealand

International Global Customers:

Thank you for choosing Thermaltake

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