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Taxed out Thermaltake core wp200 water cooled quad loop

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so its starts out simple.... just going to spend a few dollars here. do a bunch or research to find the best deals. looked at all the pc cases form pc park pick from $30 all the way to $150 hey i can do this cheap right? i even looked at taking a crap case cutting it up and putting it in my caselabs th10 and getting an custom cables made form www.datapro.net oh $250 usd not too bad (at the time i was like too much) so i looked at ammazon and ebay and well it be cheaper but ied probably not get half of the parts....so that idea was a no go. keeps telling myself only doing air, only doing air, ONLY DOING AIR,. i even traded my dad my water cooled asus rampage 2 extreme (with koolance mb water block) for his air cooled mb.



I was done with water cooling and sold my 2x 320mm rads and one of my d5 pumps and the cpu block. THEN out of no were i start thinking ok im just going to do one cpu that's it (still had one pump, top,res, just need an cpu block and rad.


well it started form there adding one thing after another to the shopping cart...$3000 later..... adding this tax that tax and just because we can tax and my #### fees border crossing fees lets just say im not buy form us anymore. if you have not guessed i want two pc's one for games and one for surfing the net and watch netflix. once im done with my gaming pc it be mover over to the other pc and so on.


i do not like window 10 for the privates but i will need it some time for the dx12....so this is what started this project.


so i was searching for a case and was like im going to get the thermaltake core p200 (i did not no it dose not come with an top) and put 2 cases on it. so i was going to do the thermaltake core x9 or x5 and stake em but i decided only because i wanted my loop to be ez to empty this time. so i looked at the be quiet dark base pro orange case and got them for $250 each and i can rotate one so i have access on both side and stack that on the core p200 (i will fit) but i still need a top for it. and then....


i was thinking it be hard to move it with 4 tubes out the back of each case and i did buy 3X quick disconnect  but i would need another 5X at $20 a peace.


so now i got to sell the 3x qdc i have and the two be quiet dark base pro cases(paid $250 now listed at $180) so that's $560 and i take a loss with tax and shipping.... and i got to sell my caselabs th10 for $1000. (don't no if i can sell it with out a window...)


so i should have gotten the case the only case that would have worked and that was the thermaltake core w200 + the p200 making it the core wp200. i did at one point look in to a rad box but i don't think it would have worked for 4 loops that i now have....$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

What i really should have done was just use 2 loops and spent and extra $300 on fittings so i can close off a section with ball valves and open one to drain.

anyway so your asking about the potato's you no what the meat is well when i made my gaming pc in December i ended up getting an gtx 1060 6gb zotac for $315 (bad idea) was a bit too cheap too loud for me....so i sold it for $280 (and loosing shipping tax and fees) and  got two msi lightning 780 3gb with water blocks about 2 years old for $440 don't no if this was wise or not but it is what it is.


you asked why not sli well ill tell you why. i got an non sli motherboard because i never wanted to sli....so ill leave it at that. we will see what i do. by now ive spent so much money i could have had new everything and then some but i got 4  water cooling loops instead....i try to save money to just end up spending more down the road haha....i sux.


Pc 1 gaming:

cpu: skylake 1151 i5 6600k (in case i want to over clock)

Gpu: msi gtx 780 lighting

mb: Gigabyte z170-hd3-cf (in case i want to over clock)

Psu: old xfx 850

ssd: Mushkin MKNSSDE3480GB Eco3 480 Gb

ram: Corsair ddr4 -2132 dominate platinum 16gb (just in case later fined out 8gb is good enuff)

Pc 2: surfing the net, Netflix, music

Cpu: i7 920 1366 2.66

Gpu: gtx 760/780

mb: asus rampage 2 extreme

Psu: non i sold my other one....(stupid me)

Hdd: Wd velociRaptor 150 gb

ram: 6gb gskill ram (ill get the specs later)


How much money and parts i got and spent.


$133.25 USD 2X Aquacomputer Airplex Modularity Rad System 360mm - Alum Fins, One Circuit, Stainless Side Panels

$24.95 USD 3X Swiftech MCRES-MICRO Rev. 2 Reservoir

$31.50 USD 4X Aquacomputer Filter with Stainless Steel Mesh, Ball Valves and Mounting Plate G1/4

$8.99 USD 2X Phobya 2-Way Ball Valve G1/4 - Knurled

$8.50 USD 2X Aquacomputer mounting frame for filter with stainless steel mesh, 120 mm fan opening

$4.99 USD 1X Mayhems Silver Coil 99.999 Pure Fine Silver

$0.80 USD 20X Mayhems Ultra Clear Tubing 3/8" x 1/2" (10/13mm) Tubing

$9.95 USD 1X XSPC Heavy Duty Hose Cutter (0-25mm)

$108.69 USD 4X Alphacool VPP655 Single Edition + Item# AC-13122-MCP65X-H-ACRYLIC
$2.99 USD 2X EK-AF Extender 6mm M-M G1/4 - Black

Additional Fees
Item# multifees     $19.48 USD     
Subtotal             $993.49 USD
Shipping and handling     $68.78 USD
Total             $1,062.27 USD
From amount     $1,423.56 CAD
To amount     $1,062.27 USD
Exchange rate: 1 CAD = 0.746211 USD


$0.10 1X Primochill G 1/4" Threaded Elbow Barb - 1/2" ID - UV Orange
$0.50 5X Primochill 1/2" UV Reactive Leakproof Elbow - UV Brite Orange
$1.00 10X 1/2" ID UV Reactive Leakproof Elbow
$3.49 4X Bitspower Dual PCI Pass Thru Plate (BP-DUALPCI)
$0.50 10X Primochill 1/2" UV Reactive Leakproof Y Fitting - UV Brite Orange
$0.50 10X Primochill 1/2" UV Reactive Leakproof T Fitting - UV Brite Orange
$6.99 1X Liquid Filling Bottle - 500mL
$0.50 2X Mod/Smart 4 Pin Molex Dust Cover - UV Brite Orange (SC-CAP-UO)
$4.99 1X Mod/Smart Internal Dust Cover Kit - UV Brite Orange - (DC-KIT-BO)
$4.99 1X frozen cpu dead water
Item Total:     $54.49            
Shipping:       $22.90            
Total             $77.39 USD
From amount     $103.72 CAD
To amount     $77.39 USD
Exchange rate: 1 CAD = 0.746211 USD

---------Newegg.ca Order 1-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

$189.99 1X  Thermaltake Core P200 CA-1F4-00D1NN-00 Black SPCC Pedestal Computer Case

Subtotal:     $189.99
Handling:     $0.00
Shipping:     $14.99
GST/HST:     $10.25
PST:             $14.35
Total Amount:     $229.58 CAN

----------Newegg.ca / modmymods.com Order 2-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sold by ModMyMods
Shipping Method:               Ship from Overseas(8-15 days)

$106.41 2x  Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper X-Flow 360mm Radiator (14230)

$63.99 2x  Phobya CPU-Cooler UC-2 LT Intel 775,1155,1156,1366,2011 - Plexi Edition (10454)

$17.25 3x  Alphacool HF Quick Release Connector Kit With Bulkhead G1/4 Inner Thread - Black (17225)

$14.50 2x  Alphacool 2-Way Ball Valve G1/4 - Black (17354)

$22.75 1x  Alphacool Eisfluegel G1/4 Square Flow Meter - Acetal (17350)

$11.50 1x Phobya G1/4 Flexible Filling Funnel - Black (32201)

$5.75 2x Alphacool G1/4" HF 10mm Male to Male Extension Fitting - Deep Black (17215)

$9.50 1x Alphacool G1/4 Round TEE Connection Terminal - Black (17030)

$8.50 1x Alphacool G1/4 Bulkhead Connector - Black (17069)

$4.25 1x Barrow Pump Mounting Bracket for 120mm Radiators (TCBJ-P)

Subtotal:     $489.55
Handling:     $0.00
Shipping:     $74.37
GST/HST:     $28.22
PST:             $39.50
Total Amount:     $631.64 CAN


21,00 1X Innovatek Protect concentrate by Aquatuning 1000ml

$8.29 2X Aquacomputer mounting frame for filter with stainless steel mesh, 120 mm fan opening

$4.09 1X Aquacomputer spare mesh for stainless steel filter

$2.11 36X 13mm (1/2') fitting G1/4 with O-Ring (High-Flow) - copper plated
Current unit price: $2.64 * Instead of: $2.73 *

$2.64 2X 13mm (1/2') fitting G1/4 with O-Ring (High-Flow) - copper plated

Sales Tax Canada - British Columbia $15.76
Customs fee Canada      $15.00 (ied pay this all day if i had no i was getting import chargers)
Subtotal             $162.11 USD
Shipping and handling     $9.00 USD
Total                     $171.11 USD
From amount             $229.31 CAD
Exchange rate: 1 CAD = 0.746211 USD


$23.99 CAD 1X  Volbox: Volume Adjuster Stereo Control #### 3.5mm 1/8" Headp
$10.33 CAD 1X CAD iMBAPrice iMBA-PS-12MM 12-Feet Gold Plated 3.5mm Male to 3.5mm Male Stereo Audio Cable
$8.33 CAD 1X iMBAPrice iMBA-PS-06MM 6-Feet Gold Plated 3.5mm Male to 3.5mm Male Stereo Audio Cable
$594.98 CAD 1X Thermaltake Core W200 Dual System Capable Extreme Water Cooling XL-ATX Fully Modular/Dismantle Stackable Tt Certified Super Tower Computer Case CA-1F5-00F1WN-00
Item Subtotal:                  $637.63 CAD
Shipping & Handling:          $11.75 CAD
Promotion Applied:         -$11.75 CAD (free shipping) :o
Estimated Tax (GST/HST):     $30.80 CAD
Estimated Tax (PST/QST):     $43.11 CAD
Estimated Regulatory Fees:   $2.25 CAD
Order Total:                  $713.79 CAD

----------dazmode.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

$1.59 CAD 15X Ultra Clear Tubing (1/2 - 3/4) 13/19mm Tubing. (my 3rd attempt at tubing...)>:(
$4.99 CAD 4X Short Coolant Temperature Sensor Stop Fitting - Black.
$3.78 CAD 12X EK-PLUG G1/4 Plexi (LED 5mm).
Shipping Cost $22.94 CAD     
Shipping Tax  $1.15 CAD         
Subtotal         $113.26 CAD
Tax                $4.46 CAD
Total             $117.72 CAD


$9.95 USD ATEN CubiQ 2-Port USB 2.0 DVI Dual View KVMP Switch | CS1642 |

Shipping and handling $6.95 USD    
Total                            $16.90 USD    
From amount              $23.56 CAD    
Exchange rate            $0.72 USD
---------Import fees--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Total Amount Due: $40.20 CAD
Total Amount Due: $70 CAD
Total Amount Due: $167.17 CAD

---------buyqual.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thia was a steal but they were sold out :( so still need to by fans and psu's and ill find more ill end up needing.....


$1.29 12X 120 mm x 120 mm x 38 mm DELTA WFB1212ME -R00 12V 0.42A Cooling Fan

Subtotal             $15.48 USD
Shipping and handling     $25.85 USD
Total                     $41.33 USD
From amount             $55.09 CAD
To amount             $41.33 USD
Exchange rate: 1 CAD = 0.750281 USD


Drilled out the rivets and removed the bar blocking the HDD drive mount screws




drilled 360mm rad mount. 8 out of 12 screws should be fine right?




cut a slot for a screwdriver







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