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Riing Plus RGB Fan settings are stuck - Oculus Rift Issue?

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Howdy all,

I've had Riing Plus RGB fans in my computer working perfectly for about a month, and then one day the Riing Plus software would not change fan settings anymore; i.e. color, pattern, ect.  I pulled the controller box out, checked all connections, changed the controller box DIP switch #, but no solution occurred.  Then I remembered I had recently installed Oculus Rift software.  I uninstalled Oculus Rift and the problem went away.  I want to keep Oculus Rift installed and have my fan control settings working.  Anyone else have this issue, and a solution?

Thermaltake Admins,  are you looking into why Oculus Rift and your Riing Plus software is incompatible? 

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