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Thermaltake has abandoned the storage business?

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I need a new USB 3.0-capable dual drive dock and I can't figure out what Thermaltake is selling or supporting, if anything.

The only model marketed on thermaltake.com is the ST0022, but there are no support files aside from the manual. There are no firmware downloads, suggesting that this model is not supported. There are almost no specs provided, so I cannot figure out what HDD capacities are supported by this model.

The only model marketed on thermaltakeusa.com is the ST0014U-D. This time there are no support files at all. Has this model been abandoned? Again there are almost no specs. How does the ST0014U-D differ from the ST0022? No clues are available.

The only model sold on ttstoreusa.com is the ST0014U. That's right, the ancient USB2.0/eSata model I bought way back in 2011! :o

The only model available in my jurisdiction from other retailers is the ST0014U-C. How does this differ from the ST0022 and ST0014-D? No information is available, anywhere.

It is possible to search for the various model numbers on thermaltakeusa.com, but none will yield support files. None provide useful specs. None have firmware updates for download. However, it's easy to find people on the Internet saying they upgraded the firmware on their various BlacX dock models, and needed to do so to solve various problems. What happened? Why did Thermaltake remove all support files for all dock models? Should we not be buying any of their models anymore?

Why is the copyright date on the bottom of every page on thermaltake.com and thermaltakeusa.com set to 2011? That's not a typo. The websites were abandoned 6 years ago? The copyright date is current for ttstoreusa.com, but as above we see that they stopped updating parts of it, if not all, back in 2011 too.

Seriously, Thermaltake, what are potential customers supposed to think about this? You don't want our money? You aren't sure what you're manufacturing or selling, if anything at all? You don't know what the specs are or you simply don't want us to know what they are? I liked my old ST0014U, but I need USB3.0 support. I need model specs so I can figure out what you might be selling, directly or indirectly. I need to know you will support your products, if I'm gullible enough to buy them. I need to know where to find firmware downloads. Right now all possible competition is looking like a much, much, much safer bet, not just for the BlacX docks but all Thermaltake products.

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