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We like dressing. image consultancy UAE But most of the time the dressing is not matching in our body. We take feedback from our friends about our dressing. Some of them have a passion about dressing. Everyone have it is on dress sense .but most of the cases it is not suitable in our body. We you different typeofdress in our life.for a shopping we use one type of dress but these dress is not use in an event or function.partyware ,executive ,shopping dress etc are some of the dressing style in our life. Some consultancy or training canter started for clarify our doubts. There are different styling are used in our life they are personal styling, kids styling, corporate styling etc.the a accessories have an important role in an proper dressing.for an executive style, we use an proper shoe,watches,wallet,etc.the dressing style are change from one country to another. In a country, there are different dress styling in country.there is a one dressing style in a town and another style in village. Kids styling is an another one. They have also wardrobe management. Wardrobe means it is a collection dresess.the training centre are help users doubts. And they select proper dress for an our body. They also arrange event for our client.

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