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Extreme Speed 3.0 Plus USB3.0 Multi-Card Reader, Drivers

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Hi all

Just wondering if anyone is using this device. 
Having trouble with it. It does not appear in the BIOS as an option, (my other, external sdcard reader does),

...and from linux, it is pretty much like it is not there at all.
Oh.. I can see the USB hub fine, there is no issue with that and the USB ports all work
Just no card reader. Even the led does not come on when I insert a sdcard.

Sent it back to the shop.. and the guy tells me that it works on widoze 10.
Not sure I trust this info, since I installed widoze10 just to see - and i could not make it work

So just to start, simple question:

Can anyone confirm that it is _not_ standard USB storage compatible
ie it won't work everywhere a normal usb stick would eg form within the bios config screen



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