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Ordon Gordon

[Audio] Luxa2 Lavi D - cracked plastic while using

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Hello Team

I have some specific problem with the headset - seller did not agree with me and he will not fix it.

I ask him not to refund, not giving me new but to fix my headset - he told me that I am responsible for the damage - that is not truth. 


I've bought Luxa LaviD on March 2016 - I really love them - but last week while I was using them (walking and listening to music), I heard "crack" and they slip down on my neck, I noticed that some plastic part just cracked and now one ear is loose. This is construction issue in my opinion. I really love those earphones - I want to fix them, but there are no parts, can you help me with this?

Attaching photos of "damage".


unnamed (1).png

unnamed (2).png


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I spoke with the seller line - they told me that Importer rejected my Warranty due to mechanical damage.

To be honest I think it is rather about issues with getting parts in Poland (I have checked and there is no product like this one in Poland on any Internet store or auction portal).

As you can see on the photos, this cracked plastic is exactly in place where this part from headband is moving inside (probably material got weaker on that point and just cracked out) - in my point of view this is not my fault - it was built like that - hope we can resolve it somehow.



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