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Not able to create an account through Tt eSPORTS PLUS UI

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When clicking the 'SIGN UP' button, I am taken to a a blank page which has the options 'SIGN UP WITH EMAIL' or 'LOGIN' (which is already, not great because I already clicked signup.... Why is it taking me to another page to click 'SIGN UP' again?), when clicking 'SIGN UP WITH EMAIL', I get the error below.

My guess is that clicking 'SIGN UP WITH EMAIL' is autosubmitting the forum on the next page before I can get a chance to fill in any details, but closing the error simply leaves me on the empty 'SIGN UP' page.

Additionally, clicking the 'LOGIN' button from here results in the Login page also submitting before any details are entered leading to theĀ error in the third image.

Overall, it feels the app could use some work.




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