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Core P5 RMA

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Does ThermalTake care about RMA or is it cheaper to just not do them?


Sent 3 RMA request 3 weeks ago each week no reply yet and do not expect a RMA to be processed.


Maybe someone on the forums can teach support how to process a RMA cause sending a e-mail I got a reply from them saying to use the form. How do they expect me to use the form if they don't process a valid RMA form. Forum twitter links also point to wrong twitter guess there not that smart to put there twitter account on the forums. Even the drop downs you can't read just white.

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Maybe there is an issue with the email, have you tried calling us?

Here is our USA contact info and website to submit a ticket.


If you want to PM me your email address I can have the support team take a look, but honestly, just give us a call today.

Sorry for the wait, we might have not known you needed help.



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