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FIX for Riing Plus Software 1.1.4 - Wrong Temperature read-out on Threadripper.

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Hey TT-Community,



The FloeRiingPlus Software reads the temp including the 27°C Offset of Threadripper -> fans spinning at higher RPMs -> higher noise



1. Uninstall your current Riing Plus RGB Software.

2a. Download the older Version of the Software (It's V1.0.0 =  http://www.thermaltake.com/db/support/software/RiingPlusRGBTtPremiumEdition_Setup.rar ) and install it.

2b. Or just download the two .dll files I attached to this Post. Continue with step 5. (HWiNFO32.dll and HWiNFO64.dll) 

3. After you installed V1.0.0 go into the install directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Tt\Riing Plus RGB Tt Premium Edition), then copy HWiNFO32.dll and HWiNFO64.dll onto your Desktop.

4. Now uninstall the Software again, and install the new one (currently V1.1.4 = http://www.thermaltake.com/db/support/software/Riing_Plus_RGB_Tt_Premium_Edition_Setup_1.1.4_x86.zip )

5. After you installed the new version, close it, and go into install directory again (C:\Program Files (x86)\Tt\Riing Plus RGB Tt Premium Edition), and copy HWiNFO32.dll and HWiNFO64.dll into this folder.

6. Click replace and continue (if necessary)

7. Now it should work.


@Thermaltake @Thermaltake Admin @ThermalMike Maybe you can look into this, I think it's just the wrong Version of HWiNFO. The new Version worked for me when I updated to it, but not when I clean install the software.



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Hi CrazoniX

Riing Plus PWM function is based on system temperature not only by CPU temperature. So you can check another device just like VGA temperature.

Is it possible to provide "Info" data in the 1.14 version software lower left corner? Reinstall the new one.

We can try to read the data and analyze why have 27 degree offset.

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