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Hi everyone,

We launched brand new PC APP 3.0 recently which is suitable for all TTĀ digital power supply

Following are the key features:

1. Brand new PC interface for intuitive control

2. RGB lighting mode control

3. Real-time PSU & PC status monitoring

4. Smart Fan mode

5. Malfunction warning alert

To see more info or download the APP, please click here

Please feel to let us know if any feedback or opinions

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Good app. Would be nice if you could slightly adjust the fan curve or have more preprogrammed fan curve options. I kind of have the problem, that my rig takes around 715-750W and because of that, the fan speeds up to over 1600rpm and a few seconds after that drops to under 900 and then repeats that over and over again. A curve where it keeps the speed somewhat stable would be great. Thank you.

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Ah, dont know if that is possible, but especially for miners, it would be a great feature to actually use 2 psus on one Pc and having the DPS App work with both of them, dont you guys think?

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