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F31 psu cover compatibility?

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Sorry for the delay, CES and all that.

Yes, we list the PSU cover to support F31 and it will fit in the View 31 as well, but we have been out of stock.

Check around if you can still find it, Part Number: CM00137

When you use this with the View 31, the Vertical GPU mounting will be tight, but it is possible.

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1 hour ago, Nemesis89 said:

Its compatible with view 71 Rgb too? 

Unfortunately no, the case size is different and will not fit like you would want it, no mounting points on the back either to secure the top part.

Main reason is the vertical GPU feature, the space is tight in there, especially with the PSU cover when running the cable.

Appreciate the feedback, I Love the vertical mounting we have brought to the market and will continue to improve the design and add more in.

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