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Riing Plus 6 fans setup

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So I got 2 kits of 3 riing plus fans. Conected 5 fans in the first controller, the micro usb on the same controller and the usb on the motherboard. Connceted the last fan on the second controller and linked the two controllers, also switched the first DIP switch up, on the second controller (to be recognized as controller 2). Started the software but it doesn't recognize the second controller, so I can't set the lighting effects of the fan on the second controller to be the same as the fans on the first controller. Any ideas on what's wrong here?



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make sure the connection is secured into the controller. If you are using the link cable, try using the other cable from the Y cable that goes to the header. If both of them are not showing detection (Since you got the dip switch setup right) try using just controller #2 only and see if it works by itself.

Could be bad controller or just a loose connection. Also, when you have the system on, unplug the power to the 2nd controller and reconnect it and see if it just shows up.

If it does, check your bios setting for any power save features the MB offers in the bios and disable them.

contact us here for warranty if you need to swap the controller:


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