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Core V1 USB 3.0 Ports Not Working

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I'm having an issue with the USB 3.0 ports on the side of the case near the power button and audio jack. 

Both USB ports are not working. Both audio ports are working and both power buttons are working.

The USB ports on the back of the motherboard are working. 

My motherboard is the MSI B250I Gaming Pro AC.

The USB connector is firming attached to the motherboard and there are no issues with this freshly built Windows 10 PC.

Is there something required to initialize the ports or should they start automatically? Any help troubleshooting is welcome.




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The ports are plug and play,but you want to check the connection to the motherboard for the USB 3.0 header.

If the MB has 2 of them, try the other one?

You either have a bad cable or the port on the MB is dead or disabled, check the bios and test the MB port to confirm.

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