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Floe Triple Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition locks up Intel i7 z97

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I just bought a Floe Triple Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition AIO cpu cooler and had to send back because the lighting didn’t work.  The lights work now and the fans work but I can’t control any of that because the software locks up my computer as soon as it starts.  I am really frustrated.  I not only replaced the cooler, I upgraded the case etc so that I could just put it together and run with it.  I have an Asrock z97 Extreme 6 with an unlocked i7 (4790k I think), 32 gigs of ram, an msi gtx1070 running in a thermaltake vertical adapter  and a couple of Samsung NVMe solid state drives.  As you can see thing needs to be run cool. Why is the software locking up.  As soon as it loads the computer, mouse and keyboard freeze up.  No error, no nothing.  Oh, one more thing – is there  any way to monitor the pump?  No, eh?.....

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Anyone?  I know it says beginner up there but I have been building computers for years and it is really rare for me to have software lockup my computer like this (rare as in never happens).  It seems that a likely culprit for this problem is through the motherboard usb connection that the "controller" wants.  I don't have mini usb to full size usb converter cable, but if my assessment sounds even remotely possible to one of you "experts"  I'll make make one.  As to my second question - is there a way to control monitor the pump on this thing?  I hope one of you that knows theses coolers can help out so I can tie up the wiring on this computer and be done with it.

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