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Can you mix Riing 12 and Riing 14 fans in the same case?

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Hey folks,

Im in the middle of a new PC Build and i have a question.

I got the View 71 case, and it comes with 3 big Riing 14 RGB fans installed.

I am planning to get 6 more Riing 12 RGB fans to put on the CPU cooler, and the top vent section of the case.

My question is.. can i have all 9 in the case (assuming i have enough fan ports on my motherboard), and control them all with the same software? or would one set being Riing 14, and the other 2 being Riing 12's cause a conflict?


Thanks for any Info :)

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The fans included with the View 71 RGB are the analog ones, so no software control with them. If you want to go software, I suggest the Riing Plus fans. You would just want to swap out all the fans to plus so they match and then with the controllers, you can daisy chain them together all controlled together or separate with the software.

We offer a variety of Riing Fan types, best to stick with them all the same type, but size does not matter :) 120/140/200mm all work the same.

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