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Thermaltake RGB raditor fans are not spinning

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Hi, the name is Kenny. I have a problem with my Thermaltake CPU cooler fans. The fan LEDs are working but the fans are not spinning. When I open the software it says "warning fan controller". I have tried to search up what to do but will not work.

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Sounds like the fans are being under powered, maybe you can give us some details on how everything is all connected.

Try setting up a best case scenario, have just 1 controller, make sure the power is connected to the PSU molex directly - no extensions or adapters.

Try 1 fan to start and see what happens, move the fan into another port on the controller to see any difference.

Do not use any fan controller or voltage controller like the CD rom drive type front panels as it will degrade.

It could also just be defective, contact our support for details  - https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

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