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Core P3 cooling issues

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So i have a Core p3 with a custom water cooling loop and my cpu temps are fine , however with the case being open design im having slight issues with hot socket temps and hot vrms etc , is there a way to add airflow over the VRM's and socket on these cases apart from those little flexible spot coolers that look awful ?

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Could you show us a picture of your system and a screenshot of the temps you are talking about?

VRMs get hot, especially if you have certain chipsets and what you are doing with them like OC and all that.

Here to help for the question, but you really need to provide some more info and what you have done to try to improve it.

I really dont see this as a case issue, the open frame is actually helping you tbh.

 - Reseated the heatsinks? How are the thermal pads?

 - Are you OC'd? What about when you run at stock?

 - What temps?? What hardware??

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