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Anyone have a way i can find replacement parts for the top of my case? (the LED fan/high/low letters have worn off and it's only been a couple times i've cleaned the top)

I usually only touch those buttons when i show off the case to a friend on how the fans are controllable and LED can be turned off.


ALSO: i would love to get my hands on one of the power supply covers from the V71 power cover edition. Any idea where i can find an order form or such?

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I'm close to finishing my first build but I have a couple questions regarding my v71. 


1.) The Front Panel USB 2.0 connection does not fit all the way on my motherboard. Is there an easy way to replace this without having to send back my whole case?

2.) I notice a lot of people using fans in the lower part of the chassis, I bought a 120 mm fan to use down there but I can't find any screws to secure it. Is everyone just letting it lay unsecured at the bottom of their case? Is that ok?



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