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LUXA2 Debuts Exciting New Accessories for iPhone 6

Tt Tautlih


Taipei, Taiwan -September, 5, 2014-LUXA2, a market leader in power, audio and holder solutions, today unveil a host of new and super exciting accessories designed for the iPhone 6. Unmasked is a new super lightweight iPhone 6 Air High Clear, and elegant extreme Elite Leather Stand Case, Anti-glare/Anti Fingerprint with Anti-spy screen protector that offers the latest in protective and privacy technology, a new uber fast charging MFi Lightning™ to USB Charge Sync Cable that comes in a standard and premium aluminum alloy finish, and a super speedy Dual Charging Road Car Travel Charger, plus a look back at the new Clip Series 3.5"- 10" Universal Car Mount Total Solution range.


iPhone 6 Air High Clear Case & Elite Leather Case Stand

New design, new features, and packed full of function!


Key features at a glance:










LUXA2 Elite iPhone 6 Leather Stand Case


iPhone 6 Screen Protectors

Provide a high level of defense for your new treasured device in the form of our tempered glass and multi-layered protective films with anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch and a whole host of other features.




MFi Lightningâ„¢ to USB Charge Sync/Aluminum Cable

Designed to charge and sync all your compatible devices with extreme performance. Apple certified quality for ultimate reliability.








Further information about the MFi Lightningâ„¢ to USB Charge Sync Aluminum Cable is available online: http://www.luxa2.com/product.aspx?s=132

Further information about the MFi Lightningâ„¢ to USB Charge Sync Cable is available online: http://www.luxa2.com/product.aspx?s=131


Road Car Travel Charger

Possessing a whopping 3.4Amax output, it is designed for power users that require speedy and multiple charging of their devices whilst on the move.




Further information about the Road Car Travel Charger is available online: http://www.luxa2.com/product.aspx?s=130


Clip Series 3.5"- 10" Universal Car Mount Total Solution

The Clip series from LUXA2 provides a complete car mount holder solution for enthusiasts that require vehicular functionality for their devices whilst getting to that all important destination, and at the same time, provides enhanced operation through ease of use and safety whilst on the road.


LUXA2 official website and community websites:

LUXA2 official website: http://www.LUXA2.com

LUXA2 Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/LUXA2

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