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    To all participants, I wish you the best of luck!
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    Y.G Casemod

    [Italy] Yuri Gabrielli

    THX Bro. There is still so much to see. Stay tuned.
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    [Italy] Yuri Gabrielli

    Man, this work log makin me feel like Im fallin' behind lol. Great work man! Excited to see the final mod.
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    Go For SUNNY SUN!
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    chanyut EXPC Th

    [Thailand] Juggapat Thonglue

    Thailand Fight
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    come on! go for SUNNY SUN from China!
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    I support SUNNY SUN to win!
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    Go Jesse Tiongson aka Popoy Ramdom!
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    Canada, land of the free
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    Sunny Sun,yes!China go!
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    Cant wait to see their custom build
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    [China] Sunny Sun

    We now edit the sample modle by using CAD. The P5 GT will be lied down and put on the center. And we will dig holes on feet to fit the weight shift when the hardware equipped.
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    Thank you guys for Voting we will release the winners soon! Head over to our new event to increase your chances to win!
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    A lot of good modders so it's a tough choice!
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    BEN...USA USA USA!!!
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