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  1. hi guys, as promised, here is a little surprise. back in 2013 i made a small project called BUCCANEER BAY. It was based upon an external HDD sata to usb case and i used the power adapter ti fire more than just an hdd. in the end it was a nice little treasure chest with an hdd, card reader, dvd-rw and a usb port, including 16 leds and a cut throat pirate knife. i even used the hdd holder to make a pen holder. this was the result. it all works with just one single USB cord and the 24 watt power adapter that was with the hdd case. in 2013 after finishing this little project i swire to mak
  2. thanks guys, i appreciate your appreciation. by the way, tomorrow i have a little surprise for you all. will post it tomorrow.
  3. thanks guys, its nice to see handicrafted being honored.
  4. batch three and two videos Here is the explanation video of the exterior Here is the explanation video of the interior
  5. just bringing the final pics back to the end for those who look here anew, som they dont have to scroll through all the pages to find them. :-) batch two.. batch three
  6. exactly what i said, gather experience so that your dream machine will be all the more better than you can presently imagein.
  7. hi jos, remember that state of the art hardware is nice to have, but you can make case with low end too. that way you can better your skills, improve your talents and pave the way through experience to developing your know how. its more than one casemod that will lets you know what you do best, what you like doing and what not. you always then find out too what works and what doesnt. you will also find which materials you work with best and find the limits according to to tools you use and methods you choose. so dont think you have to wiat till you have the best possible hardware, just start
  8. i frankly think that most votes so far are more of the nationalistitic type, meaning most people turn off their personal taste and just plain vote for their country. that happens in the best big events like eurovision sc too so i m not surprised that it happens here too. i have in all fairness not voted for myself, i took corey gregory, whos mod is really good and worth my vote.
  9. hi jos, no problem, i have quite a lot. here are some links and video links too, some are in english and some in german. many of my projects are in www.bit-tech.net in english, others in www.we-mod-it.com in mostly german but english too. here is the last tv portrait, dubbed n english https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ7gX08ALTU unfortunatly most of the the tv interviews etc.. are in german, dont know whether you will understand them here is an interview which i gave in english in 2014 at the DCMM, featuring the DARK KNIGHT CASEMOD, THE SAMURAI SACRILEGIUM SCRATCH BUILD, and the
  10. hi guys, like i mentioned in the first video, i had some issues with the video card loop. well i found out what was wrong and it works now. when closing the case in the back i accidently oversaw that one of the flexible pipes twisted when closed. have fixed the problem and now i have two fully functional loops with the flow indicators working fine. while it was open i also made a little video of the interior, so here it is.
  11. thanks forks.dad, you put that very nicely. yes indeed here in germany too, many young modders have entered the world of modding while seeing whats possible with low budjets too. if i can get even just one of them into being creative and not just flowing wwith the mainstream masses, then i would would call it a mission accomplished. this is just one example of hwats possible. i am used to people here seeing my mods at exhibition and so forth and estimating the prices to build much too high. untill i point out and show what type of stuff has been recycled and re used and upcycled. i won th
  12. nce again, no automative tools at all were used, just good old handicraft.[/size] batch two.. batch three
  13. good luck for everything jos214demi. stick to it and it will eventually always work out. thanks for your motivatives.
  14. thanks everyone and here are the pics of me hammering in the last studs.
  15. if you are then be warned, its huge. we had 360.000 visitors last year. cologne is on condition red too, over a half million visitors all together. its great. look for the DCMM, usually in hall ten. Deutscher Casemod Meisterschafft. would be nice to meet you personally. www.dcmm.de
  16. wow, thanks very much jos. am glad i made the video, even though it took 8 hours to upload in our pony express network speed here. and thanks for your vote. yes the drawer idea i also did in my renegade mod which also had a base and wanted one here too. i can fit a keyboard with touchpad in it, that little one from logitech, will make a picture. along with that also the power cord and some usb flash drives. the screen is already in so its ready for exhibiting. yes i think the canons are a nice hidden function of use, not just deco too. i also plan now the event deadline is over, to make a
  17. corey, you really bust me balls. i love your work and not only do i always preach handiwork, i must also praise it, well done mate. the result is great. the force certainly found you down under too. i dont care whether the hardware works or not, i love the body build. yours is my favorite,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well for place two of course.. good luck buddy. in all fairness, you have my vote.
  18. and here finally, some pics with no leds on, and also with different color schemes. then of curse the video link too, sorry for the video bad quality.. Ali Abbas Here is the explanation video.
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