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    Add me to the list of owners as I just got this one together enough for overclocking / testing. I had 2 prerequisites for the case on this new build, It must be able to handle both a 280 and 420 radiator and keep them COOL as I had to remove my 2 burning 780 lightnings' from my former gaming PC in an NZXT H440, and more importantly it had to be green! I almost purchased a competitors' case until Thermaltake released the Riing series at just the right time and was exactly what I was looking for. Still not sure what I'll end up doing with the remaining internal top / rear fan(s), was planning on doing the same as the front but will probably modify the installation slightly. It was almost impossible to wrap that stuff around the fans and get a straight shot to the bolt holes when attempting to secure it! One thing about this particular Riing version of the v51 is the green tinted window, it's TOO green and actually makes it harder to see inside since it makes everything green and kind of blurry. I've looked everywhere for a clear side panel / window with no luck. Does anyone know if any of the clear side panel / windows available in the Thermaltake store are identical or close?

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