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  1. Let's Talk About Airflow Dynamics and my W100 Mods - Loop 3 Water Cooling 3.) This loop was a tough one to figure out. I had to decide how to get the water cooled back down by getting the best airflow across X2 560 radiators with X4 140mm fans in a chamber that is only a total depth of less than 90mm Bear in mind Tt doesn't recomend mounting radiators on the side of this chassis, only fans. Probably due to the very tight, restricted space. You really gotta think thin when looking for Rads & Fans that will fit let alone pull enough air. The Radiator I chose was a 540 (that's 4X
  2. Let's Talk About Airflow Dynamics and my W100 Mods - Loop 2 Main - Ambient Case Airflow 2,) Next challange is handling of ambient air in the main area internal of the case. Components atributing heat generation factors are: A.) The front Drivebay Column (containing up to 6 HDDs or SSDs & 1 Optical Drive) B.) ASUS Rampage V Extreme Mainboard (air cooled) C.) Intel i7 Haswell 5960 Extreme CPU with EK Waterblock D.) Corsair Dominator DDR4 RAM X4 or X8 (air cooled) I chose to utilize the venting on the front panel. I removed the LED srip and it's mounting bracket, sealed all the holes
  3. Let's Talk About Airflow Dynamics and my W100 Mods - Loop 1 PSU I chose to divide my W100 into 3 isolated compartments or paths for airstream 1.) First the most simplest is the airflow for the Power Supply, My build I am using the Corsair Hx1000i mounted with the fan facing the bottom of my case. I will run it in Pull Mode so it draws cool air in from the rear of the case over it's components then transferes the heated air down through the bottom of the case. Thermaltake gives you a plastic standoff with an adhesive to hold up the weight of the PSU at the end oposite the mounting surf
  4. Yeah Tt kinda dropped the ball on the W100 not only falling short of giving us the extra bracket and still half a year later we still cant get a spare. What I really cant for the life of me figure out is why they didn't make these with SATA backplanes? I had to mod my own.. Hey if you hear about the brackets becoming available please give me a shout, cause I need one as well
  5. The W100 has four panels for external skins. Both the right and left side panels are hindged in the rear with small magnets in the front to hold them shut. One panel has a large plexiglass window veiwing the motherboard. The oposite side has two long vertical vents for two rows of four fans each as does the top panel has one row. The front pannel has several knock out vented covers behind which the hard drive bays reside, etc. Both the top and front panels snap on to the frame. the back and bottom of the case has no cover panels. I enhaced the panel system by making all four panels hinged, a
  6. OK Wheel issue resolved, I would like to mow address my changes and enhancements on the Drive Bays. Thermaltake give you good flexability with three general mounting configurations where if needed can be mixed in any combo you like. Before I get into this, in my drive configurations, for my needs I use only SATA Drives, I don't use RAID in this build, just plain SATA I, II, & III. Some 2.5 SSDs and 3.5 HDDs. One of Thermaltake's tripple option lets you mount drives to the backside of the center pannel, which is behind the motherboard, with mounting hardware. I wont be using this opti
  7. Papa Smurf

    Core W100

    Well so far all 3 of us made the same error. I blame Thermaltake for not refrencing this issue in the manual. They never use instructions, only images to assemble things, I guess they don't want to make multi language manuals. GO FIGURE
  8. yeah I am also waiting on many parts including the same brackets. your refering to the bracket that supports two hdd slide in drive carriers? The really should give four of them in the kit so you can mount eight total drives in slide in brackets. What really gets me is who the #### engineered this drive bay system must be on Crack or the project got cut due to the fact that the designer quit his job before they got done cause he had to have his hemmoroids removed! Why have slide in drives that are not Hot Swapable? So you got a slide in carrier that connects you to nothing. To pull a drive yo
  9. Job well done. I see you found you red leds for front and nice touch on the emblem. I did something like that with mine too. Great shot of your res too, the colors look awsome
  10. What is really cool a bout the W100 is that you get to put most of it together yourself. It gives you the oportunity to see what works and what doesn't or how can I make it better. So I put the case together using the manual. While assembling the case the first thing I really had a problem accepting was the casters that Thermaltake supplied. The problem I had with those caster was two fold. First of all just seeing them in the bag of parts, I knew would be a joke to put on anything I own. Here you got this really cool, big industrial size, awsome case and couldn't imagine putting a cheap
  11. First I would like to say how much I love my W100 case. I litteraly spent two or three months trying to decide on what case to by. I knew I needed lots of room for watercooling with two loops plus room for system expansion. I liked the Level 10 cabs but it just seemed too confining, then I started looking at pedistal type cases or main cases with top and bottom modules, and then almost bought the CoolerMaster Half Stacker and found out Thermaltake was making the W100/P100 and W200 series. I wanted the W200 but it wasn't released yet. So I bought a W100 and figured if I need more room I would a
  12. Anyone finding Issues or Making Improvements on the Core W100 & W200 Cases? Please Post Your Comments Here for Discussion I bought a Core W100 a couple months ago and found much room for improvement I will post a series of issues I had and how I resolved them. Please feel free to comment and post your concerns or how you improved or resolved your issues. About Me: I am kinda new on this forum but I have a lot of background in Mechanical, Electro Mechanical, Manufacturing Engineering. I have worked in Hardware Engineering, Product Developement, R&D Labs, Fabrication La
  13. Papa Smurf

    Core W100

    I hate to be negative but because Thermaltake likes to brag about how great their products are, I would like to mention some of the downsides that they could have put a bit more thought to before popping out a new case of this caliber. 1. Let's talk about the removeable drive carriers and dual drive carriers support brackets. I have never in my life seen a slide out or what we know as a "Hot Swappable" drive configuration that has no connectorized backplane. Like #### were they thinking of? So you got to open the side door and pull off and on the cables to swap out a drive. The engineer on t
  14. When I bought mine white was not an option I am doing Hydrographics on my outerskins Also regarding the LED pannel behind the door. yes you can change the LEDs to red, I did. just take the assemb ly apart and swap out the LEDs I also put all my drives old school style behind the front pannel and need to try and get one more hanging bracket from Thermaltake I have on top slot is my ASUS Overclock Remote Pannel with display. Below that is the I/O w100 pannel. I sleaved all the wires on the I/O pannel as one bundle and used a cable retractor on the ASUS Remote so I got it so I can po
  15. Papa Smurf

    Core W100

    OK here is something I would highly recomend to Mod. I have a big issue over the cheap wheels Tt supplies with this case. They give you these little cheap plastic casters. Tell me why build a nice hi-end system with thousands of dollars worth of components, water cooling, etc.? The cabinet is huge and can alot of hardware, and lots of hardware equals lots of weight, and that weight may not be distributed equally nor have a low center of gravity, making this very unstable. For example they show a configuration showing you how to mount your HDDs to the backside of the pannel the supports you
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