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  1. Sadly, I am having the same issue. The only thing I could get from them is an email telling me I could return it if it was under warranty... Not really helpful information. I can't even get an answer to the simple question of "Can I replace the Controller with a Tt Commander and still use the RGB settiings?", so, I am a little frustrated with their service.
  2. So long as it's still under warranty, I'd assume that yes, they'll send you a new controller if you request it and send the other one back.
  3. I have two Fan Headers on my motherboard, each one has one of the controllers plugged into it. My only question is, would connecting them to the PSU bar any of the Riing Fans function, such as remembering what color you left it on?
  4. Greetings all! I am new to the custom PC world and during my first venture into the wild PC building word stumbled onto the beautiful RGB Riing fans, and all their glory. Alas, I stumbled into some issues with the Controller, which stopped working after a few hours. To be clear, I have two sets (six fans, two controllers) of RGB fans. Neither controller responds to me pushing the buttons, which is an issue... Anyway, when I boot up my computer, one set of fans Light (yay!) but go to a random color or starts the cycle (little less yay...). The second sets light don't come on at all and don'
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