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  1. Thanks, but that is six months old. I am talking about the new effects. What are they all? It'd be nice to have them all listed, and how to achieve them. For example, the one I really want to use is either reactive/ripple/arrow flow but on top of another - already lit - colour. I know that's possible now because I did it by accident, just clicking things randomly, but then didn't save it. Since then I can't recreate it, so I've been using the colour cycling backlight, which is great, btw. The programme may have some cool new features, but it is still not intuitive at all.
  2. Great to see this. I've figured out one or two features, but is there any documentation? It's still really hard to work out how to make it do what I want.
  3. Yes, I know... that's where it ungrammatically tells me I should register my products online. It doesn't actually let me do it though, it just tells me I should, and how important it is. There is nowhere to input any details of what I actually have or when I got them, which I would assume is important for say, a 5 year warranty. Am I mistaken? is it handled differently?
  4. So I've been tryiong again to find out where to register my products. I clicked the register link in the Poseidon Z RGB software and got taken to a page that told me "We encourage you to register your ttesports product online!" ... but with no actual link to register anywhere. Am I missing something?
  5. Not sure this is the right place to ask support questions, but I got one of these today and it works fine, but the TteSports command centre software is not opening. There's no error message, but if I kill all the processes in task manager and reopen it I jsut get an exclamation mark (!) appearing in the notifications for a second with no explanation. I've tried opening as admin and restarting: no luck. System: Windows 10 64 bit Intel core i5-2400 AMD R9 390X 8GB DDR3 - G-Skill Ripjaws
  6. You've misunderstood me there. I mean the reactive typing, ripple, arrow flow etc. They currently only operate from a 'black' keyboard. If the room is dark, you can't see what you're hitting until the lighting effect kicks in, which leads to a lot of first-letter typos when working at night. I am asking for effects that begin with e.g. a dull blue backlight then react to your typing from there, whether it's an RGB ripple or just those keys flashing brighter or a different colour when you hit them... stuff like that. Currently not possible, though I am sure the hardware is capable of it, so long as the software can code it properly.
  7. Hey Josh, I'd just like to second the request for lighting effects that do not default to unlit keys. Because the keys are a bit too dark to read except in a very well-lit room, then you kind of need a backlight to see what you're hitting, but the steady backlight options do not have any of the pretty effects on them. I kind of assumed this was what the 'effects layer' feature in the software was meant for, but... :/ Would it be possible to see this in future updates? I'm sure you can't make any promises but if you could put this suggestion forward to the relevant people, it'd make the unique selling point of this keyboard be more usable day to day. Cheers!
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