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  1. "Modding is just a very deep passion for me even if I started it casually, but this passion is growing for the people who surrond me." This quote tho <3 ... You made me add a new passion to my list! B. E. A. U. T. Y. is the name of this build LOL ... Good luck man and continue what you love!
  2. Please make this sexy build a reality. Gosh you make me jealous. My rig is black and red themed too and you make mine like a trash. Please do this one quickly <3 ..
  3. I am loving the uniqueness of this build! I hope my friends in AUS see the finished product of this build. They are computer enthusiasts too. And would prolly love this build. Goodluck m8!
  4. I love the way this build will take not much of space! It literally is space-wise build. I never thought of this kind of build and that would be a +1 for you. I love the way Thermaltake sponsors this kind of event. I hope to see more of this. CHIIILLLLSSS! GOOD LUCK MATE!
  5. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! Those etch on the wood or whatever you call that killed my soul. That is totally gorgeous. And also the fan grill lovin it all. Well I guess you really are an experienced modder. Can't wait to see the finished beauty.
  6. You're making the South East Asia proud! And you represent us at the same time! I would look forward to see the amazing (for sure lol) case mod. Best wishes bro
  7. I guess you made me a 100% Thermaltake & ROG fan because of this sexy beast build. And you guessed my favorite colors. I hope to see more case mods from you! Good luck man!
  8. As a fan of Marvel, I really like the concept of this build. The color fades are on point. The peripherals match it. I can't see any flaws in this build. I rate it 11/10. Goodluck with this competition, wish you all the best!
  9. I would literally buy this for thousand bucks. The worth ethic is real with this mod. My gosh every process kills me. I didn't know how you made this case mod possible. I hope you really win this one mate. Good Luck to you! And we all appreciate what you've done. G0D SPEED!
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