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  1. Couldn't have said it better myself. Having tons of fun with this contest.
  2. Its crunch time and still have lots of work to do so hopefully I will have plenty of updates in the near future. Today I managed to get the PSU mounted along with the rad and fans, also some more body work (still waiting on some parts to print). Also managed to get all the actuators running at the same speed. Been having so much fun with this mod, cant wait for it to be finished though lol.
  3. The TT k.n.o.b. in the T rex jaws is a nice touch. This project is coming along great!
  4. Whats up guys! Update time again. I managed to get all the moving parts of the mod working. This was a huge hurdle for me as this entire project was designed around the moving parts. Still need to make some minor adjustments and refining to the system but super relieved to see everything working.
  5. Update Time!!! Building of the bottom part of the outer body has started. This part went much smoother as I learned much from building the top portion of the body. Hope to have the actuators hooked up so all the moving parts of the mod will be finished and I can start focusing on details and cosmetics. I also managed to finish up sanding and filling the top part of the body. I mounted the 3, 120mm TT Riing trio fans with a rad mount from an old TT x71 case I had worked great. now to design a facade to cover the cables and rad mount.
  6. I only have started the top section since it would be easier. Save the hardest for last lol. Still needs some filler and more sanding on some of the seems. Also I need to countersink and putty over the screw heads.
  7. Whats up guys, back with another update. So I have started work on the outer body of the project. My first time doing this kinda woodworking and I had a ton of fun doing it....well maybe not the sanding. First I needed to get all the right dimensions from my design.
  8. Next I routed the flex tubing for the CPU and tested to make sure none of the fittings became lose from the up and down motion of the mobo and also to make sure nothing obstructed the tubing. I also cut the pci-e support brackets to house the Plextor SSD.
  9. Whats up guys. Back with another update. This update consists of building the GPU bridge and plumbing the CPU block. GPU Bridge: The GPU bridge is a combination of 2 3d printed brackets and the main support bracket from the Core P5 that supports wall mounting of the case. 3d design for brackets that attach the Core P5 support bracket to the case. I also had to keep in mind clearance for the moving mobo tray.
  10. I wanted to post the designs for the brackets and spacers needed to make the moving mobo tray work. They will not be seen so these are purely for function not aesthetics.
  11. We are back with a quick update everyone. I have been working on the test fitting of the moving mobo tray and the RGB strip that will be lining the top portion of the P5 section of the mod. Moving MOBO Tray: I built this with some guide rails and slides I had lying around from a broken 3d printer and a 12v linear actuator with a 6 inch extension. Keep in mind this is just a test fit to make sure this system worked, I will be decorating the panels the slide rails are attached to so they suit the theme of the mod. RGB Strip: The RGB strip is a 6mm acrylic panel cut to the shape of the previous aluminum panels and lined with a TT RGB plus LED strip. I will do a more in depth post of the assembly of these parts once its more refined. Just wanted to do a quick update. Hope everyone enjoys! EDIT: I cant figure out how to add vids atm so I will uplaod as soon as I can figure it out sorry
  12. After drilling the initial holes in the 2 aluminum panels for fastening, I sandwich the P5 between them leaving enough of a gap along the top edges for the next step....
  13. Next step is to cut off the top piece of the core P5 so I can use it as the base for the top half of the mod. Also I need to cut out the panels from the P5 that are not needed.
  14. Time to start modding. I start off by cutting 2 aluminum panels to the shape I need for the mobo tray.
  15. So I decided to let my girlfriend build her first rig so we could test the components for the project and I'm happy to say everything works great. Nice lil build for my girls first time.....under my watchful eye of course lol. Now to strip it down and put everything back into their boxes until its time to install them on the contest mod.
  16. So I decided to unbox the Thermaltake Core P5 TG v2 today. I put it together for some pics before choppin it up. The core P5 is a classic for sure.
  17. So I think I have received all the hardware for the contest and it is a wall of gaming bliss lol. Thanks to AMD, Zotac, Asrock, Plextor and last but certainly not least Thermaltake for supporting us modders with these lovely goodies.
  18. Man, this work log makin me feel like Im fallin' behind lol. Great work man! Excited to see the final mod.
  19. Thanks everybody! Well I feel like I can start posting some pics of the design I am working on. I would say that I am about %90 finished and can start building next week. Also just received what I think is the final box from Thermaltake so ya......Time to get building! I will explain more about the project when the design is completely finished. Just wanted to do a quick update.
  20. The first components have arrived, cant wait to get started on this project. CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3400g GPU: Zotac RTX 2070 OC edition MOBO: Asrock X570 Steel Legend SSD: Plextor M9Pe NVM Express SSD 256gb
  21. What is going on guys! Erik Bmods here, super hyped to be representing Canada in this amazing contest Thermaltake has put on. A lil info on my modding background. I started out building cuustom watercooled PC's in 2015 and slowly started doing more and more case modding. I have been fortunate enough to build some great relationships with many of the well known brands, which I have done mods with at such events such as CES and Computex. I want to wish the rest of the modders Thermaltake has invited the best of luck and I'm super honored to be competing against such a talented group. More info on my project to come, till then here are a couple pics of previous mods I have built with Thermaltake. Finally I want to thank all the sponsors, Thermaltake, AMD, ZOTAC, Plextor and Asrock.
  22. Lol no need for that man, Im sure your p3 is a lot more practical than this monster lol
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