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  1. Yeah I just realised the front ones will be okay, after putting them on backwards first time around I got a little confused, they really put the corsair ones I have on the front to shame. Over a hundred pounds for the three though, seriously expensive. Not sure why three 140mm's are being sold for £65, would have thought it was the other way around. At the moment they are all on wave after I restarted my PC, as synced as I have seen them, at first I thought they looked a little too candy floss but when you watch the way the light changes they're really nice. Thanks for the help.
  2. My Riing Trio 14 LED RGB TT Premium Edition Radiator Case Fans are out of sync, when I change the setting on the software by the time I have done all three they are glowing different colours and it looks a complete mess. I have them on Aurora at the moment. Is there any way to set all three at the same time? Just watched a video on youtube and he said there was a copy the first fan option but I can't see it. Edit:found it in the actual settings but still can't get them to change at the same time. The software is great but the basics seem to have been overlooked and the lack of instructions with them is shocking. Also my 140mm fans are radiator fans and after admiring them I thought I had put them on the wrong way around, should have turned them up to full speed but the controller was not working at the time, so I turned them around again and sulked at how bad they look from behind, better than most fans I'll admit but that throwing star design is quite chunky. Then realised they were now on the wrong way and had to change them back. I need three 120's for the front of my PC, will they face front blowing air into the case or will the chunky back be facing out the PC case at me? Thanks
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