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  1. Just to update: I came up with an even better idea myself, and I'm very happy. If you look at the led wiring (http://imgur.com/k7ClvTi) you can see each led has 4 wires, red, green, blue, and + (white). The computer always starts with blue leds, which I don't like. I like them off, or red. I thought, why not just cut the blue wires? And so I did. So now, the computer starts at blue, but because there's no wiring to the blue leds, it's all off. However if I hit the switch, I can still switch to red, or green leds. Which is awesome! And even better then only having the off option! Because red looks really good! Very happy with this! Just wanted to let you know.
  2. So what did you mean by possible workaround? Like changing the default setting on the fan controller or something?
  3. Anyway, cutting the 4 black wires that go to the leds on every fan would be enough? Maybe someone else knows a workaround. I wonder why the fan controller doesn't remember settings, that would have been so much easier.
  4. I guess I might just cut the wires. However it's not fun, because the one built into the door is really hard to get to. I don't understand why they would not think about this. BTW there's a led color button on the top, which includes "off" mode, but always after every boot goes back to on-blue.
  5. Wouldn't it be awesome if that was the case. This is how the leds connect to the fans: http://imgur.com/k7ClvTi I kind of don't want to break 16 wires per fan.. The strange thing is, I'm pretty sure I asked this same question somewhere about a year ago, and I think I remember someone saying there was an easy way. I just cannot for the life of me find that answer anywhere anymore.
  6. Those are the stock LED fans that come with the case, I'm pretty sure they are called thermaltake colorshift. The case has 3 of them, and 1 normal fan (which has the same 3 wires)
  7. So I've had my Level 10 GT for a while now, and as it's really good, I was planning to keep it. However, I'm moving in with my girlfriend, and my computer will be in the middle of the living room. You guessed it: the led's gotta go. I've looked into the wiring, hoping there would be a simple way, but I guess there is not. All led fans have 3 wires, black, red, yellow (1). However, the non-led fan also has those 3 wires. So I guess yellow is not the leds. All fans connect together, into the fan controller (2). That also has a led switch. I thought, well I'll just unplug the fan color wire (3), but nope, that stops all the fans. I know I can technically open all fans, but only the thin wires that go to the leds (4), and be done. But I don't want to do that. Maybe, someday I'll want to plug the leds back in. So that's not an option. Any ideas to calm down the beast? Edit: I know I could wire them directly to the motherboard, but I kind of want to keep the fan speed controller buttons on the top, intact and working. Pics: 1: Fan main power: http://imgur.com/gxSgyjK 2: Fan controller http://imgur.com/1e2XOqT/ http://imgur.com/z22rmiG 3: Fan color switch wire: http://imgur.com/qs0jA68 3: Per led power: http://imgur.com/E4hftX0
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