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  1. This is for the Shock 3D 7.1 Headset
  2. Hey I was wondering if it was possible to get another pair of the ear cushioning, because I find the ones I have a bit too soft. Could someone please tell me where to buy or send me a link. Cheers guys
  3. So I shouldn't have dynamic bass on then? Or have it set to 2 or 3?? Why is it crackling? Is there some interference happening? I also have the Xear brilliant sound, and all those extras on except for the surround sound which I have on only when gaming. So I don't use the Equalizer.
  4. Yes I have the new version of the headset that is compatible with Windows 10
  5. Hey I have the Shock 3D 7.1 Headset and I really love it! but recently I have noticed that when i have a deep bass such as Battlefield 4 explosions or some bassy songs, that the speakers crackle. i have Dynamic Bass on in the software, and its set to 5, so the bass isnt being maxed out. Is there something wrong with them, or am i maxing out the bass? my email is amoslywin@gmail.com please shoot me an email if u have the answer or some possible solutions! they aren't very old and i have dropped them or misused them at all (not to my knowledge anyway!)
  6. Im in Australia. I should probably know this but is that Europe or Asia?
  7. Hey, I bought the Shock 3D headset about 5 to 7 months ago, and have been very impressed since. I have recently upgraded to Windows 10. I was using the old GUI software. Then i noticed that the 3D surround sound and Bass Enhancement buttons wouldnt stay checked. So I downloaded the new GUI software and installed. Now it says "Equipment not found". My head set lights and volume control worked but no sound came through. I downloaded the old GUI software again, and now i can hear and use the mic, but the surround sound and bass enhancement buttons wont toggle. I have noticed on some other forums that it is because my headset doesnt support Windows 10. Is there any fix? I want 7.1 surround sound. Do I need to go buy another pair of headphones or is there a fix? Please Help!!!!!!!!
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