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  1. Dumb questions how many of the PWM fan cables do you need to plug in to make this work? my fans all seem be running at Max I have two of the Thermaltake TT Sync SATA Powered 9 Port Addressable LED Controllers on my system with cables running into CPUFan and CPUfan OPT both sent to PWM mode in the bios. I have 17 fans total in this system 8 on one controllers and 9 on the other one. it seems stupid to me you would have to plug in four cables into each controller but I can do it if I have to.
  2. I wasn't planning on changing my case but I found out today that the Motherboard I want is XL-ATX Form Factor; 32.5cm x 27.5cm Before I plop down for a new case anyone tell me if "The Tower 900" supports this new form factor I can find very few cases listing XL-ATX.
  3. My current build has 13 140mm ARGB Fans Which means 26 cables, 4 splitters, 13 extensions basically I ate spaghetti and threw up in the back of my case. I have been considering switching to TT fans which will remove, the splitters, extensions as well as half the cables because they don’t require an RGB and a PWM cable. I had Pure Plus fans in an older build I HATED the fact that every time my PC woke from Power save, I had to relaunch the service to regain control of my RGB and fans. I would need two five packs of Riing Plus 14, two of the Pacific Lumi Plus strips, and one set of the Riing Trios to complete this swap If the TT Software still has the same issue I don’t want to switch and will look into Corsair LL
  4. Okay I am done... sent the pumps back got a refund coming I have Thermaltake Pacific Lumi Plus 16.8 Million Colors Magnetic LED Strip 3 Pack CL-O014-PL00SW-A Paid $46.99 Thermaltake Pure Plus 14 RGB TT Premium Edition 140mm Software Enabled Circular 9 Controllable LEDs RGB PWM Case Radiator Fan 3-Pack CL-F064-PL14SW-A Paid $69.99 2x Thermaltake Pure Plus 12 RGB TT Premium Edition 120mm LEDs RGB PWM Case Radiator Fan 3Pack, TT RGB PLUS Software, CL-F063-PL12SW-A Paid $58.15 Each (I did pull the protective cover off the Strips they didn't stick so I used the magnets) Make me an offer I'll post them on eBay as Buy it now (give me a weekend to remove them and install the new CoolerMaster fans I purchased)
  5. I tried to PM thermalmake he can't accept PM's directly. I have tried different versions of the TT software I am about ready to throw all this Thermaltake stuff in the trash and start over, I have spent the last three days reading the forums and I am not alone with the issues I am having. (TT Controller 1) 3x Thermaltake PurePlus 12 fans (TT Controller 2) 2x Thermaltake PurePlus 12 fans (TT Controller 3) 2x Thermaltake PurePlus 14 fans (TT Controller 4) 2x Thermaltake pacific PR22-D5 pumps (not installed not even opened so I can try and get my money back) (TT Controller 5) 3x Thermaltake Pacific Lumi Plus strips no chaining all using a port on the controller TTC1 and TTC2 Controllers are plugged into a MB header using the TT supplied cable. the rest are daisy chained using the TT supplied cables. Thermal Take The Tower 900 currently making up custom cables and was going to move my system over now I don't even want the name Thermaltake anywhere near my desk. Issue #1 Every time my computer goes into Power save when I wake it up all my fans are reset to default I have to close the TT app and reopen it, post on the forums say "that is the way the app works' funny my motherboard doesn't do this, my Aquacomputer Farbwerk didn't do this and my old CoolerMaster R4-120R-203-R1 didn't do this. I dropped well over 800 bucks into Thermaltake RGB gear for this build and it doesn't even work correctly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJAXygTkBKI Issue #2 I want TTC 1,2,3 and 4 to be Cross Red, I want TTC #5 to be temp simple and something I have done with other RGB systems, when I try to do this on the Thermaltake I can set TTC 1,2,3,4 to cross red once I sent any controller to be temp all of the RGB switches to temp as soon as I hit save. https://youtu.be/xdFwgTE3Y3c (my System) MSI X299 , 9900X, 32G Corsair ddr4 and a 1080ti Hydro Copper
  6. Okay three hundred dollars’ worth of fans and controllers I feel like I could have accomplished more if I flushed the cash down the toilet. I feel like all the You tube videos and reviews flat out lied the TT software is not even an Alpha in my opinion. Issues: 1. Computer wakes from sleep the fans and colors are reset. Is Thermaltake going to fix this? After reading the forum all signs point to no. 2. Five controller boxes wired up and I can’t even set different options to different controllers. I wanted all my radiator fans to be RED in color and Cross in patter and the RGB strips to be temp. If I sent the fans to red/cross the strips switch to red/cross as soon as I hit save, if I go in and switch the strips to Temp the fans switch to temp as soon as I hit save. I have tried different profiles, no luck I was planning on making a full Hard Line Thermaltake build with dual PR33-D5, four packs of the Pacific RGB plus TT G/14 Fittings, Pacific RL360 radiators, and dual Pacific TF1s in a Tower 900 case I have the parts in my cart just waiting for my tax return but the down right horrid software and lack of customization changed my mind Once I get my tax return, I am switching to Corsair and throwing this Thermaltake JUNK on eBay let some other sucker tear his/her hair out trying to get it to work correctly. Bye Thermaltake you have gotten all of my money you are EVER going to get.
  7. I have seen fewer Bugs in a 50 year old run down barn
  8. Okay I can almost live with having to stop and restart the TT application each time my computer wakes from sleep but I hooked up the last of my RGB today and this TT RGB plus is getting an F- from me, I have three sets of fans I wanted the fans to be set to Cross Red which I did, but I have a fourth Item on Channel 5 (I skipped 4 for some reason) this is a set of Pacific Lumi Plus on its own controller I wanted these for CPU temp. I set all my fans to Cross red I hit save the strips switch to Cross red, I set the strips to Temp and the FAN switch to temp what in sweet Annie's fany is going on I have four controllers all on different addresses and they are daisy chained due to limited USB2 WHY can't I set what I want on a per controller bases, I have 300 bucks in RGB and never had this many problems with any company Except Thermaltake. Found a Work Around DON'T hit save just hit X and I can set what I want not sure if it will stay after a reboot.
  9. I tried just killing Tt and relaunching it I get about 50% a full reboot always works it is annoying in this day and age to have to reboot for some lighting effects and I didn't have this issue at all with my Aquacomputer Aquaero 6 and FarbWerk setup, and my Motherboard controlled LED work correctly also.
  10. I'll try the GitHub version and thank you but I am starting to think I should have went with Corsair and the commander / lighting node system
  11. I have 4 of the Tt controllers running the following C1 3 Ring Plus 12's C2 3 Ring Plus 12's C3 2 Ring Plus 14's C4 3 Pacific Lumi Plus Every time when my Computer wakes from sleep my fans and strips are all back to default and not what I set them for I have to reboot each time to get them to normal The RGB on my MSI X299 does not do this nor does the ram or the video card only the Thermaltake Currently they are daisy chained off each other. Anyone else have this issue or know a Fix? P.S. anyone know of a more configurable version of the software or an Advance mode switch I would like to put in PMW fan curves
  12. Can I order a Second 3x120 Support bracket for the Core X71 I want to mount dual 360 radiators.
  13. Okay I need to keep the front Optical bays so top mounting is out. I want to mount a single 480 on the left side of the bottom I want to use the AlphaCool NexXxoS Monsta which is 86MM thick with push pull SP 120 Fans which are 25Mm thick can anyone tell me if there is enough room for that? with the fans or do I need to switch to just push or get a thinner radiator? It looks like I could get a 120x2 on the front panel and still keep the Optical bays can anyone confirm that?
  14. Thank you that is what I needed I was going to run AlphaCool Nexxos Monsta which are 80mm a 360 on the side and a 360 on top looks like I need to re-think maybe an RX360 on the side and RX 240 up front
  15. X71 1. What is the Maximum thickness of radiator supported in the top position with a 25mm fan and still have the use of the 5.25 bays? 2. What is the maximum thickness of a radiator supported in the bottom left side bay? Core X9 1. What is the maximum thickness 360MM radiator supported in the top positions with a 25mm fan and still have room to use the 5.25 bays?
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