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  1. It sort of worked, at least it finished this time anyway. The actual print is very poor though, the amount of support material used is almost impossible to remove, especially from the cylinder area to slide it onto the case mounting tube.Can you give me your advanced settings please?
  2. ok, I see a few different settings so I'll give it another go
  3. I have been trying to print this stl file I downloaded from the 3d thermaltake web site and have has absolutely no luck getting it to print. It is called Single 5_25_Bay Cage Primary_001.stl. Has any one here printed it? if so, can you tell me if you had to change any settings? I am printing with a Wanhao I3 Duplicator V2.1 printer and I have added the bracing mods and vibration mods and I can print fairly consistant items but not this cage. Really getting frustrated.
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