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  1. Hi


    I just completed my build in a Core P5 i bought for Xmas.

    But i'm having issues getting my eVGA GTX1080 FTW to post at all with the riser cable. Every so often the PC will post but then will freeze up, 9 times out of 10 it won't ever post, just black screen (i have a Asus Sabertooth Z170 S, it has onboard status LED's, it gets to "VGA" (After passing CPU and RAM) and stays there, eventually failing with a Missing VGA Beep code error.


    It will post and have no problems if i use onboard video (on the 6700k), i can't plug the video card into the mobo due to watercooling (The GPU isn't watercooled yet, but piping gets in the way of mounting it in any slot, its 2 weeks old and was working fine when i shut the system down, literally pulled it from that system and plugged it straight into this one).


    I've already drained the loop to check CPU mounting (fearing it was a bent CPU pin!), and only just stumbled onto this now after hours of "test" to find the issue.


    Are replacements still being sent out? Is there a new fix in the works for this yet? I'll send an email off with details to the address listed earlier in the thread on monday if i dont get a response (really really disappointed, wish i had seen this post earlier, the case is amazing and saw so many amazing builds that just pushed me to get it, with the vertical GPU mount being a selling point, deflating to have this issue :( i'm worried whats going to happen a year or so down the track, if these cables are so finicky now, how will they be when theyre older and TT support has dried up!?!?)

    replacements are still being sent out , i asked for RMA two months ago , guess my mail got lost somehow :) so i wrote another mail and its like 7days and in next two or three days this RMA cable of mine will be home :D .. i was wrong they rly try to help ppl out ! so dont you worry , contact them again and im sure you will be taken care of sooner or later ,) 


    edit : mailed them 10.1. - and its 13.1. and i have the riser cable home (not 7 days as i said , so i was wrong again , sorry for misleading) . cant believe my eyes :) you guys who ever had taken care of me , thank you ! all of you :)


    edit 2 : got the new riser cable instaled , and so far it is working kinda ok , i say kinda cus i have lost almost 20% of fps (went from almost 20k in 3dmark to 15360) 

    so i guess i wait till they start selling those "premium" cables :)  . will try to tweak it lil bit and see what will happen :) . even tho it isnt superb , i have to say thanks to TT and their customers service and specialy to those who has taken care of my support ticket :) 

  2. So the new raiser cable I got  yesterday 1 week after I bought the case, works perfect. I noticed it is not the same raiser, it is other model, interesting. I can send pics if anyone is interested. Fact is now I have no fps loss or performance issues. Happy the replacement came so quickly and on top it works fine now, I hope it stays like this. I will try to move and bend it as less as possible to avoid any damage of course.

    glad it worked for you , i cant get any response from TT nor from my seller .. i rly regret this purchase :) 

    but its cool you did have such a great help from your seller :)

  3.  Well, the guy of the shop said he will get me one as soon as possible + just in case I ordered a third party one myself so lets see... its sad thermaltake screwed this up like this but well... there is no other case like this, for everything else it is awesome...

    well i have been said the same , and now .. few weeks after - silence , nothing .. 

    we can agree that this case is beautiful , and one of its kind and once on the wall it looks even better :)

    i will wait one last month for RMA (it will be 3 months) then i will buy my self proper riser from 3M 

    but thing is , we paid for something we wont get , and this becomes standart in all aspects of our lifes and im not ok with it :) if you know what i mean 

    i want that thing that i paid for , a PC case with vertical GPU mount , im not super crazy about this .. i just have to wait with my watercooled system till this issue is resolved 

  4. Hi everyone, I signed up here to give my grant of salt to this great topic.

    I bought the core p3 and got it delivered yesterday, as afraid the raiser cable is complete desaster, being aware of the issue I took utmost care, the cable was straight in the bag so not folded. However from the moment I installed it my fps either did not pass 20 or I was getting crashes, restart required multiple times... I immediately contacted the seller in my country (CZ), he was so nice to take care of this, he said he will contact Thermaltake and get a new cable, I keep the option to buy a thirdparty cable for 12€ as a last option, here they have one which comes with a molex connector at the raiser attached to give more power to the extension... someone with experience about such raiser extension? Final words, I am very dissapointed that such company spares money on a crucial piece of hardware in this 2 cases (p5 and p3). I bought it for one of the main reasons to have the gpu used with the raiser and displayed respectfully. Now I have the case installed and all ready, but I cannot game which is depressive at this point. After moving and bending around while running Heaven benchmark I somehow found a sweet spot where the fps keep high, but still 15fps far from what is my maximum performance when I have my gpu connected in the traditional way. I hope the second cable works flawless, so I can keep my build as it is. What a shame would it be to have the gpu normally connected having this case... this failure in production is similar to the EVGA missing thermal pads in all 1070s and 1080s, which made me buy an ASUS instead... luckily Thermaltake did not hide it and gives great support for this issue, so does EVGA in their problems, but still, this could have been avoided... why not is the question... somebody in quality testing failed miserable doing his job, so now people around the globe got broken raiser cables which perform poorly or not at all. Below I leave you my current build, a lot missing still. I am waiting for HUE+ from NZXT, 4TB WD HDD and considering a 1x140mm Water cooling system.

    dont expect any help in czech republic .. after 6weeks im still waiting for RMA replacement , adn to be honest i dont expect it (the new one riser) to work .. im more and more inclined to get 3M riser which is expensive as fk in our country , so yea .. thats it :D or sould i rather use :/

  5. Sadly yes

    mind you i have had 2 of the original length cables mentioned, and 4 of the short ones

    they all carry the same part numbers on the slot part


    i had also ordered a couple of powered PCI-E risers via aliexpress

    those arrived today, now i ofcourse dont need them, but will still have to test them....in something i can afford to loose :P

    only 2.34$ each hehe



    my rig is now finally running the GPU watercooled!

    and since posting, have not had a single issue

    oh crap :( .. well time to throw out 100e for a 3M riser , guess ill be starving for a while :D

  6. Hello

    i have been back to this thread several times as i also have this issue

    the store where i bought the case have been extremely helpful

    unfortunately without solving the problem

    i have likewise received a cable from Thermaltake directly, with the same issues


    best i've managed going through a total of 5 replacements (6 total including original)

    is that my EVGA GTX980Ti Classified connected through the Riser to a Asus X99 Sabertooth

    would run at PCI-E X8

    but with WHEA related windows crashes as a result


    i have here on Black Friday purchased for another build, a Deepcool Genome Case which also features a vertical GPU mount option, tho the Riser Cable is supposed to be sold seperately!

    turns out it was included, so i decided to try this particular Riser with some ziptie magic and a makeshift non conducting stand

    and what would you know

    works perfectly, its neither powered or in any visible way different, apart from

    the PCI-E Slot is angled 90degrees and the slot itself is reinforced with metal


    Sad to say, i believe the quality of the riser on the P5 for highend GPUs / Mainboards, is simply not good enough


    Surely changing suppliers for the PCI-E Riser is possible ?



    Deepcool retails this PCI-E Riser for 19.95$ (tho after tax EU price is around 25€ via amazon.uk)

    but for the danish market, it is on backorder at all retailers


    while writing this i have been running a render test in GPU-Z to verify my PCI-E Speeds


    happy i can finally use my GPU block and get it watercooled and finish this build!

    not happy i had to go to a different manufacturer to get a working riser!



    Asus X99 Sabertooth[/size]Intel 5820K (overclocked to 4.5Ghz) (cable tested at stock and at[/size]overclocked settings)[/size]G Skill C16 3200mhz 32GB quad channel kit[/size]Corsair RM1000[/size]EVGA GTX980Ti Classified (also tested with a Quadro K620, GTX670,[/size]GTX690, R9 290+290X)[/size]Custom Watercooling only on CPU atm[/size]


    So basicaly what you are saying is that we shoudnt count on TT riser And get us new riser cable ? Well if So , then it is rly sad .. time to get my self a proper riser from 3M which is thebonly oné i can get (besides The TT one) in my country .. :( sad days .. shoudnt get The p case in First place .. oh well

  7. delayed?? over a week??? broken on first try, sent email no response, its easier for me to send the case back to overclockers than it is to wait for the never never awesome customer support

    im kinda on the edge of returig my p5 core case , main selling point was vertical mount , sadly this feature im unable to use , i dont wanna spend another 100e on properly working riser card , also when i asked if this newly designed rubbercoated riser card is being send to users with faulty riser i have not beed answered till this day .. im kinda dissapointed :(

  8. Well, I'll try to keep this polite!

    This is some interesting inside look of my new rig with the TT riser cable provided with the Core-P5 case:




    As everyone can see, the 700,-€+ GPU is running @ PCI-E 1.1, not 3.0!

    The problems I have:


    ·         System sometimes doesn’t boot at all

    ·         System sometimes boot, but shows no picture at all

    ·         System sometimes boot, but shows no picture at Windows logon

    ·         When systems boots, sometimes get a blue-screen

    ·         When systems boots, sometimes there is lag when the GPU changes frequency.

    ·         When systems boots, sometimes there is lag and crackling sound when the GPU changes frequency.


    My Hardware:


    ·         ASUS SABERTOOTH Z170 MARK 1

    ·         ASUS ROG STRIX-GTX10809-A8G-GAMING

    ·         Be quiet! Power Zone 750W


    Here in Germany we should give the manufacturer 2 chances to correct his error (§440 Satz 2 BGB)!

    First chance has started a few minutes ago as I sent an e-Mail to info@thermaltake.com.

    Hope I will get an answer no later than friday.

    emailed them saturday , monday got mail from them , you also may like to contact DE TT customers service , since im from czech republic and got redirected to DE TT customers service :)


    edit : support@thermaltake.de

  9. Hello , i have the same issue .. my GPU acts crazy , sound stuttering , bsod .. you name it .. as i was slowly reading thru this thread one thing came to my mind .. had anyone succeed with TT riser ? like no probs at all ? Should i just empy my wallet for 3M cable (almost the same cost as p5 case lol) .. got this case cus of vertical GPU mount . appreciate any help from more experienced users :)

    thanks in advance ,)


    EDIT : as i am one of those who cant stand if something isnt working as intented .. i coulndt stand the issue with the riser cable - so i used basic electrician tape (black isolation one) and covered the riser with it , from one end to another , as we speak now , my pc is operating without any hicups or anythign .. i can see my self testing this whole day , but for now .. its working great :D


    EDIT2 : so from last editing (30mins or so) im running heavens benchmark with 100fps +-10 .. seems like that its working ! :)


    EDIT3 : aww :( first crash .. but i already got mail about RMA so .. hope i get wokting one :)

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