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  1. Hey Just wondering if anyone has had this issue before, wheres individual LED's on the fans flicker off/on under certain colours (mainly white and blue) and randomly you'll get one of the LED's turn Green and back to the correct colour ?!? I've attached a video of the issue, Seems to be 2 out of the 3 fans, tried shifting them around different ports in the controller, switched between the 2 connections on the cable. Unsure if its the controller or the fans them selves... Cheers all
  2. Hi I just completed my build in a Core P5 i bought for Xmas. But i'm having issues getting my eVGA GTX1080 FTW to post at all with the riser cable. Every so often the PC will post but then will freeze up, 9 times out of 10 it won't ever post, just black screen (i have a Asus Sabertooth Z170 S, it has onboard status LED's, it gets to "VGA" (After passing CPU and RAM) and stays there, eventually failing with a Missing VGA Beep code error. It will post and have no problems if i use onboard video (on the 6700k), i can't plug the video card into the mobo due to watercooling (The GPU isn't watercooled yet, but piping gets in the way of mounting it in any slot, its 2 weeks old and was working fine when i shut the system down, literally pulled it from that system and plugged it straight into this one). I've already drained the loop to check CPU mounting (fearing it was a bent CPU pin!), and only just stumbled onto this now after hours of "test" to find the issue. Are replacements still being sent out? Is there a new fix in the works for this yet? I'll send an email off with details to the address listed earlier in the thread on monday if i dont get a response (really really disappointed, wish i had seen this post earlier, the case is amazing and saw so many amazing builds that just pushed me to get it, with the vertical GPU mount being a selling point, deflating to have this issue i'm worried whats going to happen a year or so down the track, if these cables are so finicky now, how will they be when theyre older and TT support has dried up!?!?)
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