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  1. Thanks, I will. Just for the future, does it matter if I connect 4 pin molex from PSU to 2 pin female side of the case molex?
  2. I connected 2 fans to the frontl panel (they were connected as I bought the case) and then connected it to PSU. I took off the third fan on the top, because I put my water 3.0 extreme in there. By now, I separeted the fans and connected them to the motherboard. But I really wanna change it to have an opportunity to change the speed and LEDs.
  3. I am not sure if it, because probably I've just connected it wrong. It has both male/female sides, so as the wire the comes from PSU. Another thing is that PSU has 3/4 pins molex, and as you can see on the pic, it only has 2
  4. Well, I were trying to connect it to my PSU but as soon as I turned PC, the smoke started to come from the front panel. Can you please explain, how to connect it to my PSU please?
  5. Hi! Recently, I've build my 1st PC using Core V71. Front panel connections were quite easy exept for fans. I can't understand how do they work. There is a 2 big pin wire coming out, which I don't know where to connect. Please, help me!
  6. Hi guys! Recently, I've just assembled my new PC with Water 3.0 Extreme. Everything works great and I'm happy but I'm a bit confused whether I've plugged everything in the right place. First question, should the 3 pin wire go to cpu_opt or cpu_fan? Second question, where do I connect another wire? It goes to motherboard but where? By now, it was connected to "coma" slot, but I don't think it's right, because software doesn't work. Your help will be appreciated!
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